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Deion Sanders did in Super Bowl XXX with the Dallas Cowboys.

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Q: This player is the only player in nfl history to catch a pass and make an interception in a Super Bowl who is it?
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Who had the 1st player to catch an interception and run it in for touchdown in a Super Bowl?

Herb Adderley, Green Bay Packers, Super Bowl II vs The Oakland Raiders

What is the longest catch in Super Bowl history?

Musin Mohammad's catch for panthers vs. Patriots!

What are facts about the Pittsburgh Steelers?

They are the best team. They have won the most Super Bowls. They have amazing players. Their best defensive player is Troy Polamalu. Their quarterback is Ben Roethlisberger. Santonio Holmes was the MVP of Super Bowl 43 (he had an amazing toe drag catch with a few seconds left in the game). James Harrison broke the record for the longest touchdown scored in Super Bowl history (100 yards off an interception by Kurt Warner).

Who holds the record for the longest td catch in super bowl history?


What is interception?

The term interception is defined as the act of receiving something before its intended recipient. This term is also used frequently in football as a catch being caught by the opposing team.

What is one type of catch in football?

A Pick Six. "Pick" is slang for an interception - when the ball is caught by a member of the other team - and a Pick Six is an interception that the receiver runs back for a touchdown.

What does a defensive player do when they catch the football?

If a defensive player catches the football, it is considered an interception and he would run toward the end zone in hopes of scoring a touchdown for his team. Interceptions are one of the most exciting plays in the game of football.

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Who made the game winning catch in Super Bowl 43?

No santonyo Holmes did not catch the super bowl winning catch. He was out of bounds!

Which defensive player did Lynn Swann make an unbelievable catch against in Super Bowl X?

Lynn Swann's leaping tipped ball catch in Super Bowl X was against Cowboys cornerback Mark Washington.

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What was the score of the 2009 Super Bowl?

In Super Bowl XLIII, played on February 1, 2009, the Pittburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals 27-23, earning their record 6th Super Bowl win.It was the 2nd year in a row that a Super Bowl was decided by a catch in the corner of the end zone with 35 seconds left to play. MVP Santonio Holmes caught the winning pass from QB Ben Roethlisberger. In Super Bowl XLII, Plaxico Burress of the NY Giants made a winning reception to beat the New England Patriots.Record SetIn Super Bowl XLIII, linebacker James Harrison's interception return for a Steelers touchdown was the longest scoring play in all of Super Bowl history.

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