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If a defensive player catches the football, it is considered an interception and he would run toward the end zone in hopes of scoring a touchdown for his team. Interceptions are one of the most exciting plays in the game of football.

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Q: What does a defensive player do when they catch the football?
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Who was the greatest defensive football player?

Type your answer here... Dick Butkus was the greatest defensive football player

Can a defensive player catch a ball tipped by another defensive player?


If you catch the football and fall to your knees will i be down?

No. In Professional Football, in order to be "down" a receiver has to be tackled or in your scenario touched by a defensive player while on the ground.

What is a bull rush?

defensive football player

Who was the defensive player of the year for 2010 in football?

The NFL Defensive Player of the Year for 2010 is Troy Polamalu.

What is it called when a defensive player catches the football?


What does DP stand for in Fantasy Football?

Defensive Player

What is blocking in football?

knocking a defensive player backward

When does a defensive player catches a pass on football?

An Interception.

If both the offensive and defensive player catch the football is this a good reception?

It counts as a completion. If both players have joint possession, the offense gets the ball.

When a defensive player catches a ball in football?

Interception interception

Is it legal to catch a football on your knees?

Yes. In most levels of football the receiver would be down at the point of the reception, in the NFL the receiver could get up and run if he isn't touched by a defensive player.

What sport has strikers and sweepers?

Soccer (football) - A striker is an attacking player, and a sweeper is a defensive player who moves across the defensive line.

Can a player run out of bounds then catch a pass in bounds?

Only if the player was forced out of bounds by a defensive player.

What is it called when a defensive player catches an offensive pass in football?


How many defensive player on the football field?

11. Same as offense.

Can you grab the football out of the hands of a football player?

Yes, as long as the player is not considered tackled a defensive player may strip the ball from the ball carrier.

What is a linebacker in football?

A defensive player who lines up behind the defensive linemen and in front of the defensive backfield. The linebackers are a team's second line of defense.

What position in football is an ROV?

In American football, a "rover" is a defensive player who "roves" from linebacker to defensive back, or roves from cornerback to safety in the defensive bakefield. The rover has no fixed position. The abbreviation ROV stands for ROVER.

Can any player catch the football?

No, the offensive line can't catch a pass

How many defensive players have won the Heisman Trophy in college football?

No pure defensive player has ever won the Heisman trophy.

What is the term in American football for when a defensive player catches a pass from the opossing teams forward pass?

The term for defensive player catching opposing team's pass is an interception.

Can a defencive player step out of bound and be the first to touch the football?

can a defensive player step out of bounds and go back in bounds and be the first to touch the football

Football player that wears number 93?

Minnesota Vikings Defensive Tackle.Kevin Williams.

Oakland Raiders football player Steve brewster defensive back 1972?