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I think one way is to throw a glove or any part of the uniform at it!?!?!?

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Q: There are two ways a fielder is not allowed to catch the ball what are they?
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What are the two ways a fielder is not allowed to catch a ball?

with hat and with shoe

What are two ways that the batter can be out in baseball?

three strikes and fielder or outfielder catches ball without dropping it.

Other ways to catch Mewtwo?

master ball ultra ball quick ball or a premier ball

Two ways to get a player out in kickball?

Either, catch the ball when the infielders kick the ball; or hit the infielder with the ball when they are running to the bases.

How would you get out in rounders?

There are many ways you can get out in rounders. First, you can be caught out. This is where you hit the ball and one of the fielders catches it. Second, you can be run out. Third, you can be stumped out. This is where you are running to a post and a fielder makes contact between the post and ball-'stumping' the post- before you get there. Hope that helped! x x x

Seven ways a baseball player can make it to first without gettin a hit?

Walk, Reached on error, Fielder's Choice, Hit By Pitch, Strikeout while catcher doesn't catch it beating the throw, Pinch Runner, Intentional Bases on Ball.

What ARE Easier ways to catch legenderies in Pokemon FireRed?

To catch an articuno with an ultra ball you have to lower it's HP and put it to sleep... To catch a moltres you only have to lower his HP then use an ultra ball... To catch a zapdos a master ball is required... Or you could get a gameshark!

List 8 official ways a base runner can get to first base?

Well, let's see... 1. Gets a clean base hit 2. Receives a base on balls 3. Gets hit by a pitched ball 4. Is interferred with by the catcher or other fielder 5. Hits a ball that hits an umpire before touching a fielder 6. Hits into a fielder's choice 7. An error by a fielder 8. Hits a ball that hits another base runner. That's about it as far as I can tell.

What are the rules for wicket in cricket?

The ways of getting out are bowled, caught, run out, stumped, leg before wicket, handling the ball, obstructing the fielder, timed out and hit wicket.

When a batsman is declared out in cricket?

there are so many Ways: when the batsman fail to play the ball and it hit to stump that called bowled. The ball hit the bat and the ball caught by the fielder without touching the ground it's catch out. the ball hit batsman pad and the ball vartuly going in the stump so it called LBW leg before the wicket. the player doesn't make to the crease and the fielder throw the ball and it hit the stump and the batsman is not in the crease so its call runout. There is somany ways but mostly player gets out like this.there are 3 more ways but mostly player are getting out like this. other ways are obstrecting the field(once inzmam get out), handale the ball, and time out. Batsman can get out by following types:- 1) Catch out 2) Bowled 3) Stumping 4) Runout 5) Hit wicket 6) LBW 7) Handling the ball 8) Distracting the field 9) Timeout 10) Not offering a shot (similar to LBW but in this case umpire can give the batsman out if he thinks that batsman is not offering a shot and hitting it with pad, ball may or may not be going to hit stump) Number 10 is actually LBW. The 10th way is Hitting the ball twice.

How do you catch regesteel without using a master ball or great ball?

You can either use action replay or it might not work but I'm not sure about the other ways

How does a Runner advances a base without the batter striking the ball walking or getting hit by the ball?

A runner, or runners, may advance in several ways; stealing, wild pitch, passed ball, wild throw in pick off attempt, catcher interference with batter, balk, fielder interference with base runner, error by fielder on attempted steal, error on catcher on throw on attempted steal.

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