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Q: Stealing home can a batter swing and hit a ball?
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Can a pitched ball hit the ground before it crosses home plate?

A pitched ball can hit the ground before crossing home-plate. In most cases the batter would not swing and the pitch would be called a ball. But, if the batter decides the swing, the ball is still in play after hitting the ground and the batter may not hit the ball and receive a strike, or he may foul the ball, or hit a base-hit.

Can the batter hit a pitched ball that hits the ground before crossing home plate?

Yes, but if he doesn't swing at the pitch, it would be a Ball.

How can you tell if a ball is hittable from watching?

When you know its abojt to over home plate and the batter is about to take a big swing and lookin at the ball all the way to the bat

Is it obstruction if the batter doesn't move when the runner is stealing home?


If a runner on third is stealing home on a passed ball and the ball bounces off the backstop and hits the batter is the batter out?

The batter or the runner? Either would have to be tagged to result in an out. The catcher (or any player) would have to have the ball and touch the runner from third. If you mean the batter is still in the batter's box and the ball rebounds and hits him then I would surmise that it is a judgment call by the umpire as to whether or not the batter was in the way of the catcher being able to make a play.

A batter hits the ball its hits home plate then the batter?

it depends on whether the batter is still in the batter's box when the ball hits him. If he is in the batter's box then the ball is foul. If he is out of the batter's box and the ball hits him in fair territory then the batter is out.

Does stealing home count as an rbi?

no because the ball was not hit yet

Is there a legal pitch where the ball bounces off the ground before it goes over the home plate?

Well No, but remember if he swings its a strike The pitch is legal but it cannot be called a strike unless the batter swings and misses or hits the ball foul. The batter may swing at a ball that hits the ground before home plate and if he hits it fair play goes on. In other words, if a batter were to hit a home run on a pitched ball that hit the ground before home plate, it would be ruled a home run.

If a pitcher throws the ball to the the batter and he doesn't hit it?

If he swings at the ball and doesn't hit it, it is called a strike. There is a spot in front of the batter called the strike zone. It's a little square area that is as wide as home plate, and stretches from the batter's knees to the letters on his jersey. If the ball lands in this area and the batter doesn't swing, it's called a strike. Any other place would be called a ball.

The Pitcher throws towards home plate. the ball bounces in the dirt before home plate and it hits the batter is it a dead ball or hit batter?

It is a dead ball and the batter is awarded first base and is ruled a hit by pitch

If a batter steps on home plate after hitting a ball is he out?

In Major League Baseball, there is no rule prohibiting a batter from stepping on home plate after he hits the ball. Often, a right handed batter will step on home plate on his way to 1st base after hitting the ball, especially when he bunts.

Dead ball if the batter hits the ball and it hits home plate?

No. Home plate is considered fair territory.

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