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Faster swing, because the muscle behinde it that will send the ball over fence.

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Q: Which is more important to hitting a home run a heavier bat or a faster swing?
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How can you make a pendulum to swing faster?

If the pendulum was pushed with a large force or if it was heavier. It might swing faster.

Which swing more heavier pendulum or lighter pendulum?

A heavier pendulum will swing longer due to its greater inertia.

How do the different weight in grams relate to a golf club shaft?

The weight of the shaft is usually directly proportional to swing speed. The faster and harder you swing the heavier of a shaft one typically has. This is untrue sometimes because the player may want to swing a very light shaft in order to be able to swing faster and therefore hit the ball further. A heavier shaft will also typically result in more accuracy and less distance because it causes the swing speed to slow down. The ultimate goal when picking the correct shaft weight is that you find the weight that gives you the best distance without losing accuracy.

How can you hit a ball better in baseball?

Quicker bat speed and a shortened swing where the bat drops at first with the hands then the swing rotation begins, and what is key for hitting faster pitching is turning the hips and the back foot and leading the swing with the bat knob. And make sure to keep the weight on you back leg and keep your head, shoulders, and chin locked in not pointing out. Hip and foot rotation is absolutely key for hitting better.

What do you do while hitting the birdie in badminton?

Aim carefully and swing emphatically.

What would happen if a swing was shorter than the other swing?

It would oscillate faster.

What does 'You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a moron' mean?

"You can't swing a dead cat without hitting a moron" is a figure of speech. It means you can't do something stupid without expecting it to affect yourself.

What is the golfing term for hitting the ball twice on the same swing?

Simply a double hit.

What kind of swing should batters develop?

This is becoming a big debate on teaching the basics of the softball swing. There are two swings that are taught now. The traditional linear bat swing which uses mostly arms and the other is called rotational hitting where the rotation of the hips is where the power of the swing comes from. I prefer the rotational hitting because on a scientific point of view this movement shows that this motion uses more muscle strength to generate power in your swing. The quick rotation of the bat will also help on the speed of the ball out of the bat upon contact. The rotational swing helps a batter have the power needed in every swing. to analyze this swing you can check:

How do you swing like Ted Williams?

He wrote a book on hitting. It's a pretty good read.

Can a fast pitch softball bat be damaged if used for slowpitch softball?

Yes, a slowpich ball is heavier. That is why a slowpitch ball makes an arch and drop straight to the ground. since fastpitch balls come in faster the bats are lighter and made to swing faster.............any other questions go to

What is the difference between bunting and hitting in baseball?

I am a softball player. Let me say first, bunting is basically half the swing as hitting. Hitting consists of swinging a bat across your entire body. Bunting, you swing 180 degrees and stop and let the ball hit your bat. Bunting makes the ball go in play at a small distance; hitting the ball can make your ball go anywhere!