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Peter Crouch has played for all these clubs.

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Q: Spurs Qpr Aston Villa Norwich Southampton Liverpool Portsmouth?
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How many clubs has peter crouch playing for?

Tottenham Hostpur, Aston Villa, Portsmouth, Southampton, Liverpool and Stoke City.

How many premiership clubs has peter crouch played for?

Tottenham Hostpur, Aston Villa, Portsmouth, Southampton, Liverpool and Stoke City.

Who has Milan baros played for?

Baník Ostrava Liverpool Aston Villa Lyon Portsmouth Galatasaray

Which player has played for Tottenham Hotspur Aston Villa Portsmouth Football Club and Norwich City?

Peter Crouch had played for the following teams ;Tottenham Hotspur [ 1998 - 2000 & 2009 - 2011 ]Aston Villa [ 2002 - 2004 ]Portsmouth [ 2001 - 2002 & 2008 - 2009 ]Norwich [ 2003 : On Loan ]

Most appearances in the English premiership?

Ryan Giggs ------ Legend David James Watford Liverpool Aston Villa West Ham Manchester City Portsmouth

Where did Aston live before he was famous?

England, Portsmouth

Aston Villa played Portsmouth Football Club 17th January 1970 what was the final score?

The game, played in Division Two, finished Aston Villa 3 - 5 Portsmouth. Aston Villa were relegated from Division Two in that season, while Portsmouth finished seventh from bottom.

Which EPL teams are owned by foreigners?

Manchester United Chelsea Liverpool Manchester City Aston Villa Portsmouth Sunderland (Irish if that counts as foreign) West Ham United So far

Who are the top five players of who have played for the most premiership clubs?

Andy Cole-Newcastle, Man Utd, Blackburn, Fulham, Man City, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Sunderland Les Ferdinand- QPR, Newcastle, Tottenham, West Ham, Leicester City, Bolton Wndrs David Unsworth- Everton, Aston Villa, West Ham, Wigan Ath, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd Stan Collymore- Notts Forest, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Bradford City, Leicester Mark Hughes- Man Utd, Chelsea, Southampton, Everton, Blackburn

Who are the10 ex Liverpool strikers playing in the premiership?

The ten former Liverpool players still playing are Crouch (Portsmouth) Cisse (Sunderland) Owen (Newcastle) Diouf (Blackburn) Heskey (Aston Villa) Anelka (Chelsea) Bellamy (Man City) Barmby (Hull) Keane (Tottenham) James (Portsmouth) Friedel (Aston Villa) Kirkland (Wigan) Carson (West Brom) Diao (Stoke) Hamman (Man City) Murphy (Fulham) Warnock (Blackburn) Guthrie (Newcastle) I think there are 9 ex-strikers and 9 other ex-Liverpool players still playing in the Premiership. Pennant is on loan at Portsmouth

Who is the best football team Aston Villa or Liverpool?

Liverpool the team i hate

Is Liverpool better than Aston villa?


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