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Andy Cole-Newcastle, Man Utd, Blackburn, Fulham, Man City, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Sunderland Les Ferdinand- QPR, Newcastle, Tottenham, West Ham, Leicester City, Bolton Wndrs David Unsworth- Everton, Aston Villa, West Ham, Wigan Ath, Portsmouth, Sheff Utd Stan Collymore- Notts Forest, Liverpool, Aston Villa, Bradford City, Leicester Mark Hughes- Man Utd, Chelsea, Southampton, Everton, Blackburn

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Q: Who are the top five players of who have played for the most premiership clubs?
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What international striker has played for three premiership clubs?

The only one I can think of has played for five premiership clubs: 1997-99 Arsenal. 2002 (loan) Liverpool. 2002-2005 Manchester city. 2006-2008 Bolton. 2008- present, Chelsea. Nicholas Anelka.

Name Five french players to play in premiership with four different clubs?

nasri-man city,sagna-arsenal,n'gog-bolton,evra-united and cabaye-newcastle

Which players have scored for five different premiership teams?

Nick Barmby

Which 8 players have scored a goal playing for 5 different teams in the premiership?

Nicolas Anelka, Nick Barmby, Benito Carbone, Stan Collymore, Mark Hughes, Teddy Sheringham, Chris Sutton and Ashley Ward. Meanwhile, three players have scored for six Premiership clubs (so really it's 11 players who've scored for five): Marcus Bent, Andy Cole and Les Ferdinand.

Can you name three players who've played at five clubs who have won the European Cup.?

Ronaldo the fat one,Edgar Davids and may be Kluivert

Name three players who have played for five different clubs which have won the European Cup?

Edgard Davids is one (Ajax, Milan, Juventus, Barcelona, Inter)

Which player has played for five different Premiership teams that are still currently in the Premiership?

Nicolas Anelka has played for Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester City, Bolton Wanderers and now Chelsea.

How many players have played in badminton?

five members

How many Manchester united players have scored 100 goals in the premiership?

There are five. Teddy Sheringham Andrew Cole Dwight Yorke Ryan Giggs Paul Scholes

Which game is played with five players on each side?


Name the footballer who played for 5 different clubs and capped for England at each club?

Paul Ince? Les Ferdinand? Though both played for more than five different clubs.

Who are the five players still playing in the premiership who were playing when it started?

None because the premier league started in 1992 and that's 17 years back so all of the players retired but Allan Shearer who played for Manchester untd coaches New Castle Untd ^^Your wrong mate , theres sol Campbell , Ryan giggs for a start