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Manchester United Chelsea Liverpool Manchester City Aston Villa Portsmouth Sunderland (Irish if that counts as foreign) West Ham United So far

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Q: Which EPL teams are owned by foreigners?
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How many foreigners can be on an EPL roster?

There is no limit.

How many teams presently competing in the EPL have never won the EPL?


How many teams play in the EPL?

There are 20 teams in the E.P.L.

Which ePL teams are based in Manchester?

City and United

What teams have never been demoted from epl or first division?


What 3 teams will be promoted to epl in 2014 - 2015 seasons?


What percentage of land in the US is owned by foreigners?


How would teams like Celtic or Rangers FC fare in the EPL?

Middle of the pack.

Which is the most hated teams in epl?

for me it would be derby, man united, Bolton and everton

What are the names of all the teams in the epl?

For the 2011/12 Season the list of teams is as follows:Arsenal (Will represent the EPL in the Uefa Champions' League)Aston VillaBlackburnBoltonChelsea(Will represent the EPL in the Uefa Champions' League)EvertonFulhamLiverpoolMan City (Will represent the EPL in the Uefa Champions' League)MAN UTD (Defending Champions, Will represent the EPL in the Uefa Champions' League)Newcastle UtdNorwich City*Queen's Park Rangers*Stoke CitySunderlandSwansea* (First Welsh team to compete in EPL)TottenhamWest BromWigan AthleticWolves*Denotes newly promoted team

Which EPL teams are based in Liverpool?

Liverpool FC at Anfield Everton FC at Goodison Park

Who are the most cheating teams in epl?

Manchester united for sure and probaly derby Manchester united and Liverpool

May a foreigners be arrested in Philippines for selling a property that is not his owned property?

It is a crime and they could be arrested.

How many Teams have won both Premiership and FA cup in the history of EPL?

Mainly Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United.

How many nfl teams are owned by the fans?


Which sports teams were formally owned by Red McCombs?

There were many sports teams that were formally owned by Red McCombs. These teams include, but are not limited to, the San Antonio Spurs, the Denver Nuggets, and the Minnesota Vikings.

How many teams from English premier league qualify for champions league?

The top four teams qualify for the Champions League. They will play in different rounds depending on their EPL final standings.

What teams have Manchester lost to?

This year in EPL lost to wolverhampton, arsenal, chelsea, and liverpool. FA Cup lost to Man City.

What teams are in the EPL?

manchester city, manchester united, tottenham hotspur, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, Blackburn Rovers, Liverpool etc

What are the essential points presenting EPL?

presenting of epl

Do foreign players in the EPL receive higher pay than English players?

Not always. It depends upon the quality of foreigners. Gerrard in Liverpool gets more money than lucas.

How are NFL teams owned?

well theyre not i own them all

How does an English football club get promoted to the premier league?

The top 2 teams from championship division (2nd division) automatically qualifies for EPL, for 3rd spot, playoffs between 3rd to 6th teams are played with semifinal (2 legs (home and away)) and then final. Winner of the play-off gets chance to play in the EPL.

When was EPL - journal - created?

EPL - journal - was created in 1986.

Who sponsors the Baltimore Orioles?

There are no "sponsors" for major league baseball teams. All teams are owned by corporations.