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Football, Basketball, Rugby, Hockey and Soccer are all examples of anaerobic sports.

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Q: Sports that use the anaerobic energy system?
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Sports that use anaerobic energy system?

First of all can you name an anaerobic energy system? Humans function via Aerobic respiration so there are no sports that would use an anaerobic energy system unless they are played by Bacteria.

What sports use the anaerobic system?

Weight lifting

What event will mainly use your anaerobic energy system?

Rugby match

What sports use the phosphocreatine energy system?

Tennis, for one.

What do cells use for energy?

photosynthesis Well, animal cells use simple sugars, like glucose. The simple sugars are the only ones small enough to pass through cell walls. We use ATP to access the energy in the sugars. Cells can either use a aerobic system (using oxygen) or an anaerobic system to metabolize sugars. Humans generally use the aerobic system although in some cases our cells are forced to use the anaerobic system.

What is energy created without the use of oxygen is generated?


Do you use anaerobic energy systems in shot put?


Exercise that does not require the use of oxygen to metabolize energy?


What two sports use the anaerobic system?

any that involve high power sudden efforts sprinting 100m 200m 400m cycling racing and track

What is the definition of the anaerobic system?

muscle use without oxygen

What kind of exercise does not require the use of oxygen to metabolize energy?


What kind of respiration do yeasts use to produce energy?

anaerobic respiration

What energy system is used in rugby league?

All energy systems are used. ATP-PC Anaerobic Aerobic All players use the different systems throughout the game.

In what situation does your body use anaerobic and aerobic?

to keep it simple, short and sweet, look at it this way..... Anearobic= without oxygen aerobic= with oxygen a footballer, when playing, will use his/her aerobic energy system and his/her anerobic energy system. a 100m sprinter on the other hand will use only his/her anerobic systems where as a marathon runner will use there aerobic energy system more. your aerobic energy system is used for the long haul run where as you anerobic energy system will be used for your "Quick" bursts.

Why does a sprinter use the anaerobic energy system?

They don't, theyy use the ATP-PC system, which lasts for around 10 seconds. This is because it is an explosive event which is what the attrirbrutes of the ATP-PC are designed for. has alot about energy systems, hope this helps

Where does most of the lost energy go in anaerobic respiration?

Anaerobic respiration is not as efficient as aerobic respiration. Anaerobic respiration leaves a lot of energy in the ethanol or lactate molecules that the cells cannot use and must excrete.

What sports use anaerobic exercise?

100 m sprint and sprint events when the athletes do not breathe.

What sports use both aerobic and anaerobic systems?

aerobic = gymnastics anaerobics = 100m run

What sports use anaerobic capacity?

marathon runners, athletes who require high cardio levels

What do the cells use for energy when there is no oxygen for the cells?

Cells use anaerobic respiration when there is no oxygen available.

What is the main difference between aerobic and anaerobic replenishment of energy?

The use of oxygen.

What is The use of nitrate or sulfate to produce cellular energy is an example of?

anaerobic respiration

What is the process cells use to produce energy without oxygen?

Cells use anaerobic respiration to produce energy without oxygen.

What sports use an anaerobic energy system?

Anaerobic means, "without oxygen", therefore you can choose any sport that requires a quick burst of energy, not one that requires constant breathing during the task. Anaerobic energy begins with deep breaths, followed by strong exhales and is repeated for a limited time period. *Most sports require a combination of aerobic and anaerobic energy. Activity examples: heavy lifting, pushing or pulling; sprinting short distances, jumping high leaps, diving/swimming under water. Try wrestling or MMA, football lineman, baseball pitcher, slam-dunk champion, breakaway soccer, 50 yard dash, body surfing, or any sport where you do the above listed activities. *Too much anaerobic activity, without enough rest periods, can cause health risks!

What sports use the creatine energy system?

rugby can in fact a french rugby team is also sponsored by the supplement

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