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Burnley Burnley

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Q: Smallest league football stadiumin England
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Who has the smallest football league ground in England?

accrington Stanley play at the crown ground which only holds 5057 which makes it the smallest in the football league

What is the smallest town in England to win the English football league?


Who is the smallest football player in league?

Jamal Louis

What is the smallest football stadium in the Barclay's premier league?

The smallest stadium in the English Premier League is Fratton Park, home of Portsmouth.

What country has the biggest football league?


What country is the motherland of football?

England is where football originated, they had the first league and made the first rules for the game. England is the motherland of football.

Who is the smallest player to ever play in the Canadian football league?

Jesse margetak

Which team is the smallest ever in the football premier league?

Probably Wimbledon FC who were founder members of the Premier League.

How many professional soccer teams are in England?

There are 92 Football clubsin the football league and about 8 in NON LEAGUE so about 100

What conferences is the New England Patriots in?

The New England Patriots are in the Eastern Division of the American Football Conference in the National Football League.

Where can one find a list of football clubs in England?

One can find a list of football clubs in England by using the website Wkipedia. The website presents a list of football clubs that play in the top ten levels of the English football league. Most of the clubs are directly in England, however some are located outside of England and operate in the English football league.

What is the largest city in England never to have had a football league club?


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