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Q: Who is the smallest player to ever play in the Canadian football league?
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Who is Matthew reed?

Matthew Reed was a professional football player, starring at quarterback in the World Football League and the Canadian Football League.

Who was Cookie Gilchrist?

Cookie Gilchrist is a former gridiron football player who played both in the Canadian Football League and the NFL.

Who is Dwain Murphy's father?

Dwain Murphy's father is Patrick Murphy. He is a retired professional football player who played for the Toronto Argonauts in the Canadian Football League.

What league is the best football player in?

This will depend on who you believe to be the best football player.

Who was the best Canadian football player?

Austin Collie

What is the average size of a CFL player?

There is little data available regarding the average size of a CFL player. There is, however, less discrepancy in size in the Canadian Football League than in the NFL of the United States. Canadian football tends to focus more on speed and basic athleticism than the NFL, which encourages specialized players.

Who is the smallest AFL player in 2010?

The Smallest player in AFL (2010) is Brent Harvey (North Melbourne FootBall Club) The Tallest Player in AFL (2010) is Aaron Sandilands (Fremantle Football Club)

Who was first black football player in Canadian Football Hall of fame?

Warren moon

Canadian soccer league salary?

i play in the league and a top player in the league makes 2k/month

What are German football league salaries?

The German football league player will get a weekly salary from 60,00 to 80,000 pounds.

Who is the Smallest English premier league player ever?

aron Lennon

Was Brad Pitt a national football league player?