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Q: What country has the biggest football league?
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Which football pitch is the biggest in the English premier league?

Manchester city have the biggest pitch in the English premier league

What is the premier league?

it is a biggest english league of football where different club participate.

Who is the biggest football club in Scotland?

Glasgow Rangers. 51 league titles and counting

What is the biggest win in the English football league?

Spennymoor Town 18 - 0 Bishop Auckland

What country is the motherland of football?

England is where football originated, they had the first league and made the first rules for the game. England is the motherland of football.

Is there a woman national football league?

Not an official one, but women's pro football leagues exist around the country.

What is the biggest city in England that does not have a football league club?

The biggest city in England without a football league club is Bath. Not even close. Bath population is only 90,000. Salford is a much bigger city with close to 200K, but both are dwarved by WAKEFIELD at 316,000

What are the biggest sporting events in the world?

The Biggest events of the following sports are noted (UK)Football - World Cup, Premier League, FA CupAmerican Football - SuperbowlTennis - WimbledonRugby - 6 NationsWrestling - Wrestlemania

What football leagues are there besides the NFL?

Indoor Football: AFL-Arena football league IFL-Indoor Football league PFL-Pro Football league Normal Football: UFL-United Football league Canadian Football: CFL-Canadian football league European Football: NFL Europe-National Football League Europe EFL-European Football League

What sport is played in this country?

We play cricket, NRL (National Rugby League) and AFL (Australian Football league) mainly

What are the football leagues in America?

NFL (national football league) NCAAF (college football) XFL (X-treme football---banned) AFL (Arena football league) UFL (United Football league) CFL (Canadian Football League) EFL (European Football League)

Which country is AFL?

afl is only australian,afl it stands for Australian Football League

What country does inter milan play football in?

They play in Serie A, the top league in Italy.

What football league did vince McMahon start?

XFL - Xtreme Football League XFL - Xtreme Football League

What football league are bayern munich in?

German football league

When was The Football League created?

The Football League was created in 1888.

What is NFL and cfl?

NFL stands for "National Football League," which is the professional football league in the USA. CFL stands for "Canadian Football League," which is the professional football league in Canada.

What is the name of the German Football League?

The German football league is called the Bundas league.

Does Bangladesh got a football team?

Yes, Bangladesh has a national football team formed in 1973 and is controlled by the Bangladesh Football Federation, the country's football association. They earned victory against teams from Indonesia and Thailand and took part in the Asian Cup 1980. There are women's senior team and youth teams in Bangladesh and the country also has a professional league known as the Bangladesh League, cup competitions such as the Federation Cup (national cup) and Super Cup.Dhaka League is the country's premier regional league and was once renowned in South Asia.Know more about them on Wikipedia:Football in BangladeshBangladesh national football teamBangladesh Football Federation

What football teams are in the Barclays Premier League?

Australian football league



In which league does Scunthorpe United play?

Scunthorpe United currently plays in Football League One. This is the third tier of the English football league, below Premier League and Football League Championship. Scunthorpe United was related to Football League One in 2011 after playing three seasons in the Football League Championship tier.

Where does the Highland Football League operate?

The Scottish Highland Football League (commonly known as the Highland League) is a football league, operating in the North of Scotland. It was founded in 1893.

What dose AFL stand for?

Australian Football League

What football team won the league in 1999?

what football team won the league