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you can , but you will have to be really good to play for a really good football team.

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Q: Can you be signed by premier league playing for the lowest league in England?
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There are 20 teams in the Barclay's Premier League, so the lowest possible finish is 20th place.

Who is the lowest paid footballer in English premier league?

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Who is currently the lowest ranked team to have played in the premier league?

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How many teams get promoted from the Scottish championship?

The lowest three in the English Premier League standings at the end of the season will be relegated to the Premier League Division II.

What is the lowest position Manchester United have finished in the Premier League?

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What is the lowest number of teams in a soccer league and which league is it?

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How many goals were scored in the 2009 English Premier League?

There were 942 goals in the 2008-09 season, an average of 2.48 goals per game, the second lowest on record (2006-07 had 931 goals, 2.45 per game).

Who had the lowest era in the league in 2011?

Clayton kershaw

What is the lowest scoring football league in Europe?


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