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you really shouldn't, instead keep your arms stationary and use your legs to push the ball forward.

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Q: Should you swing your arm when passing in volleyball?
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How fast is a volleyball serve?

It really depends on how fast your arm swing is and how strong you are

How do you pass the ball in volleyball?

When passing the ball you get very low bending your knees, and face towards your setter, or where ever you want the ball to go, Use very little if any swing when passing, this will help your control where the ball goes. Always use a flat arm platform when passing, because that is where the ball will hit, the ball should not hit your fists. If it does it is almost impossible to control.

Why do volleyball players swing their legs forward when spiking a ball with their arm?

To gain momentum. It can compare to when you push up with your legs on a pass or a bump.

Why is my arm hand still numb after swing my arm yesterday?

If you swung your arm yesterday and it has been numb for two days, you should see a doctor. You may have a pinched nerve.

Why volleyball is a good sports?

arm strength

What are disadvantages of volleyball?

you get a rather sore arm

How could you break your arm accidentally when playing volleyball?

if somone steps on your arm

Movement used when spiking a volleyball?

You use a special approach. 1. Step big steps with you feet, (left, right, then left) 2. Swing your arms up. 3. While in the air, swing your arm all the way through to slam the ball to the ground.

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