Should you do cheerleading or sports for school?

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Q: Should you do cheerleading or sports for school?
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Why schools should have cheerleading teams?

it gives their school sports teams encouragement :) _\l/_

What are the High School wonter sports?

The winter sports at my high school are: Swimming, Wrestling, Basketball, Cheerleading and Poms.

Why was cheerleading ivented?

cheerleading was invented my a group of friends who stood on the side lines at a school sports game and cheered on their team.

What are the categories of cheerleading?

School- cheers for sports team All-Star- cheers competitively

Is cheering seasonal?

School Cheerleading follows the season of the sports. All-Star cheerleading Goes all year with a beak for a month or two in the summer.

What are the high school fall sports?

Boys Tennis, Cross Country, Football, Cheerleading, Poms.

How is females attitude in sports?

females attitude in sports should be better behaved and peppier than a males especially in cheerleading

What is mileys favourite sports?

her favourite sports is cheerleading

What is the objective of cheerleading?

The objective of cheerleading is to, first and foremost, encourage others to be excited about the school's sports team. Also, cheerleading provides young adults (boys and girls) the opportunity to be a part of something competitive and exciting!

Is there cheerleading in middle school?

yes the have cheerleading in middle school

What has more injuries gymnastics or cheerleading?

In all sports cheerleading reports the most fatal injuries. In womes sports, cheerleading is still in the lead, folowed by gymnastics

Should boys and girls try cheerleading?

Yes/No - Boys and girls should be allowed to try cheerleading, however it is one of the most dangerous "sports" in the world, so may be inadvisable....

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