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Cheerleading can affect your school work by you focusing on cheerleading more than schoolwork.

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Q: How does cheerleading affect your school work?
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Is there cheerleading in middle school?

yes the have cheerleading in middle school

How does Cheerleading affect your heart rate?

As a former cheerleader and now a wellness ctr nurse, cheerleading is an amazing cardio work out, building strength, balance and endurance.

How do you letter in high school cheerleading?

Normally you will letter in high school cheerleading if you are on the varsity squad.

Do you have to go to school to become a cheerleader?

No, there is all-star cheerleading outside of school cheerleading. You can join these teams by going to your local cheerleading or gymnastics gym.

What do you get for being a cheerleader?

Cheerleading encourages fitness, friendship, and confidence. Cheerleading will give you the opportunity to make a difference in your school or community. Many colleges even give cheerleading scholarships. Cheerleaders learn to work as a team and selflessly exert hard work and dedication on a daily basis.

When did competitive cheerleading start?

Competitive cheerleading started in 1978. ESPN broadcasted the first National High School Cheerleading Competition in 1983.

Sarah is a member of her school's cheerleading squad. How Sarah interacts with her cheerleading teammates and how participating in the cheerleading squad affects her personal behavior are examples of?

group dynamics

Is cheerleading a compeditive sport?

Yes...all-star cheerleading is competitive. It is actually known for how competitive it really is. However, recreation cheerleading or school cheerleading is not. That is more spirit than competition.

Does Washington Irving High School have a cheerleading squad?

Unfortunately Washington Irving High School does not have a cheerleading squad, but they do have a women/mens step team.

Do high school cheerleading team coaches get paid?

Most high school cheerleading coaches do get paid, yes. However, the amount they are paid varies as any job does from school to school and state to state.

How does stress affect children at school?

how dose stress affect children school work or what teacher say

Why was cheerleading ivented?

cheerleading was invented my a group of friends who stood on the side lines at a school sports game and cheered on their team.

What are cheerleading school?

Cheerleading Schools are for incoming cheerleaders. They teach you everything there is to know about cheerleading. They teach you stunts, cheers, dances, stretching, flexability, safety etc... :)

How does alcohol affect school-work?

It has no affect on schoolwork unless abused.

Which school activity did Miley participate?


Should you do cheerleading or sports for school?


What is themost important part of cheerleading?

It depends on what type... school cheerleading or competitive cheerleading? Well I do both! In school cheerleading, All it takes is your smile, personality, being loud, and only a little bit of tightness. For competitive, its all about safety. Also, the smiling! and definetly sharpness and jumps and tumblinggg

How do you work in cheerleading?

To get a job in cheerleading, you can try out for the cheerleading team of a professional football team (such as the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders), stunt double for characters in cheerleading movies (have you ever seen Bring It On?), or coach/assistant coach a cheerleading team near you.

What seasons is cheerleading in?

School cheerleading, I'm not too sure about. All Star cheerleading is year round and competitions are in late fall, winter, and spring.

What does cheerleading do for your body?

In cheerleading, you always (most of the time) work on conditioning. Which means you work on arms, shoulders, back, stomach muscles, and leg muscles.

What are the cheerleading requirements in high school?

It depends on your coach. Ever school is different.

Can you join cheerleading at another school?

No. You have to be in the school to be able to be on any of their sport teams.

Where are cheerleading championships?

The answer depends on whose championships you are referring to - college? high school? professional? some other cheerleading organization?

Why did cheerleaders make squads for cheerleading?

To make cheerleading organized and to make sure only the best girls represent the school

Do American high schools actually have cheerleading squads like in the movie Bring It On?

Yes, my high school does have a cheerleading squad.