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Yes. Ther should be body contact in hockey, because if ther wasn`t then everyone would be getting penalties. Even though ther isn`t hitting in girls hockey ( and it should be aloud) ther should still be in girls hockey. think about it, How many times have u gotten a penaltie for running in to someone? Well i got a doublr suspension and let me tell u girls hockey should have hitting. But sence this question applies to girls and guys hockey ther should absoluty be hitting aloud on both teams. They`ve already baned the girls team, don't ban the boys theam. Some of the best hockey players in hockey have been stoped, not by a trip or a hook, but by a hit. If Wayne gretzky was on a brakeaway u`d stop him buy a Check. Hello!

Checking should be allowed like I'm a girl that plays in the girls league and i get called A LOT on contact even though they are clean hits its a part of the game its sexist because most people think girls cant take or give a hit and only guys can. I'm getting kind of fustrated with it cuz some teams i play againest are so weak and if they get "injured" you can be kicked out of the game

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Q: Should there be body contact in ice hockey?
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