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Not if it's Field Hockey. If its Ice Hockey go for it!

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Q: Can you come in contact in hockey?
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Check in roller hockey?

Roller Hockey is non-contact!

Which has more body contact basketball or hockey?

hockey by far

Where did the rules from floor hockey come from?

ice hockey

Is hockey a full contact sport?


Where are hockey players from?

Only the BEST hockey players come from Canada! The best hockey players come from Canada but they are normal like us,just talented

What country did hockey come from?


What is the part of the hockey stick that makes contact with the puck?


How do you become a hockey cheerleader?

to get a job in hockey such as an ice girl or 'cheerleader', you have to contact the arena and apply for a certain position.

How did hockey come to Ghana?

I did not come from Ghana it came from Jamaca

What country does Hockey come from?

I think that Hockey first started in a country named Canada.

Where do hockey sticks come from?

the storks bring them with new babies, and now you have a hockey baby

What are the somethings that are the same in hockey and football?

# The contact # Teamwork # Formation # Scoring

Where does the sport ice hockey come from?


Where does ice hockey come from?

dont know

Where did ice-hockey come from?

Quebec i belive

What game did the ice rink come from?


What country did Ice hockey come from?


What impact has hockey had on Canada?

The sport of hockey has had a massive impact on Canada. Hockey has helped the country come together and unify for example.

Were did hockey come from?

Hockey was started from India in 2500 B.C. during the Indus Valley civilization

Where does the hockey team the sharks come from?

San Jose.

What country did field hockey come from?

It came from India and developed slower in today's modern day hockey, as for sport like ice hockey and other types of hockey's came from Canada.

What are some disadvantages of hockey?

The cost of ice prices. Price is certainly a barrier. Hockey is not a cheap sport, however, when you say disadvantages, it all depends on why you are asking. Hockey is a fast paced sport which helps with excellent conditioning and durability, along with being a team sport, Hockey is notorious for breeding close knit groups of friends. You can have contact and non-contact hockey, depending on your preference and level of play.

How do you contact Mid-states club hockey cheerleader association?

website Find Your Site - enter: mid states hockey cheerleading

Which sport has the most contact hockey or football?

I believe its football just because you usually have to hit someone every play in hockey you do get hit but not as much.

Why is hitting allowed in ice hockey?

Hockeys a contact sport. Hitting is part of the game.