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it depneds on the school's budget and financial status. If the school is very keen on funding sports and sports equitment to the school, then chances are they are going to have more sports. some schools however may not have the time and money to provide to schools sporting teams. however i believe that schools should have alot of sports team's for exercise and fun.

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Q: Should middle schools have more sports?
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Should middle schools of the arts have sports?

No, they shouldn't. You should focus more on your arts areas, not stupid things like football!

All this mandatory competative organized sports in middle and high schools is more about capitalism that healthy competative sports.?

This is a statement and not a question.

Who says what sports are played in middle schools?

Normally it would be under the guidance of the education authority for the country with local options for more community beneficial sports

Should there be more sport in schools or less?

more because some people dont like the sports at school, so there should be more options!

There should be more sport in schools?

Sports should be allowed in school because many reasearchers studied and di tests to kids that did sports and to kids who didn't the kids that played sports got a much better grade. Also, it helps with physical atributes but also mental

Should middle schools start later?

YES-Yes middle schools should start later, because teens can't fall asleep naturally until 11 so they can get more sleep.

Should they teach more sports in secondary schools?

Yes they should i study health a Auburn and 70% of kid in school are over wieght

Should schools place more emphasis on sports than academics?

No, if anything more emphasis should be placed on academic subjects. Knowledge is much more important to most than sports for their futures. Sports and atheltics are important as well, and a balance should be sought. People are more than brains or brawn, master or blaster, but are truly both.

Should schools have more electives?

My opinion is, YES. They should have more elective classes in middle school. Because it prepares students by picking out what they want to do in the future. :)

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Typically women complain more about their partners watching sports. But if you enjoy sports and so does your partner then you wont (which is understandable). But you should try to meet in the middle if you complain about your partner watching sports.

What middle schools have fast food places at lunch?

Allen Park Middle School! You can add more!