Should they teach more sports in secondary schools?

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2012-02-10 17:30:32

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Yes they should i study health a Auburn and 70% of kid in school are over wieght

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2012-02-10 17:30:32
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Q: Should they teach more sports in secondary schools?
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What sports do German schools teach?

Football and others.

What sports do French schools teach?

French schools teach the basics of athletics. Children also go to the swimming pool and play collective sports (basketball, football, ..)

Do any secondary schools teach sign language?

yes they do most teach sign language, that why schools have a seu it is to help deaf children.

What do schools teach their students?

Primary schools teach their students the basic subjects they will need for life. Secondary schools specialize more in one area depending on the major you are pursuing.

Top schools to teach in?

corpus christi catholic sports college is a good school to teach in

Should English Be made the medium of instruction in all secondary schools?

That would be immpossible. You would be unable to teach non English speaking people

How does schools sports teach students commitment?

easy kids listen and do what there told

Is German a subject?

German is a classified subject in schools. Not all primary schools have to teach it though. All secondary/high schools have to teach it. Most secondary schools give students the option on French, German or Spanish. So schools do other languages as well though. But yes, German is a classified subject under the National Curriculum.

Should you there be camera's in schools?

yes, there should be camera's in schools, it will teach the students how do do photography.

Should schools teach algebra?


Is English taught in Mexican schools?

Some of them do; especially private schools which may teach it since pre-school or kindergarten. Public schools don't teach English until secondary school (grades 6-9).

Should teachers teach UFO in schools?

yes , they should !

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