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This is a statement and not a question.

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Q: All this mandatory competative organized sports in middle and high schools is more about capitalism that healthy competative sports.?
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Are viruses organized?

They do not have organized cell structure, they invade healthy cells and insert their DNA into healthy cells of plants, and human hosts.

Are pap smears mandatory?

No, Pap smears are not mandatory. However they are strongly recommended every year because a doctor is able to make sure your healthy.

Why is important to keep ourselves clean healthy and organized?

to get gash innit.

What is your Body is organized into that works together to keep you alive and healthy?

cells, tissues, and organ systems

Where can I find easy recipes that are healthy?

The best place to look for easy healthy recipes is the website Cooking Light. There one can find the topics Vegetarian, which is a way for a diet, or the topic Quick & Healthy. It is a well organized website.

Who should pay for mandatory vaccination for children?

The parents. Children need to be vaccinated against various childhood diseases and it is the responsibility of the parents to keep them healthy.

How do you write a detailed benefits summary explaining mandatory benefits?

A truly healthy person has a sound body and mind that is free of disease and infirmity. Healthy living includes taking the steps needed to optimize one's chances of surviving and thriving, like eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Questions relating to all aspects of health and living a healthy life are welcome here!

What is john d Rockefeller's legacy today?

he ruined allot of peoples lives through his monopolies and rate wars that he waged against small biusnesses that would have provided the competition healthy for capitalism

How does Christianity and capitalism cause violence?

Neither Christianity nor capitalism in themselves cause violence. There are many historical accounts of people inciting Christian or capitalistic (or at least imperialistic) motives to justify violence. Individuals who claim that Christianity justifies their violence misunderstand or misrepresent the beliefs of the Christian faith. And while pure capitalism is considered by some to be a winner-take-all system where one stops at nothing (including violence) to rise to the top, this type of capitalism is not sustainable. Only a form of capitalism that regulates business to ensure healthy competition and fair compensation of laborers is sustainable. Otherwise a business may conquer everyone, while starving it's laborers and have no one left to by it's services or products.

Why were Assyrians good at conquering others?

They were very healthy, had strategic plans, had a strong military and a state of art weaponry. They were also very organized and ruthless.

What was founded in 1951 whose goal was to promote the view of homosexuals as healthy and not mentally deviant?

The Mattachine Society was organized in 1950, and formally founded in 1951. Its goal was to promote the view that homosexuality was not a form of mental illness or perversion, and that homosexuals were normal, mentally healthy human beings.

Why is sierra Leones life expectancy so low?

because they dont have enough money, education, food, water, and other mandatory necessities that people need in their everyday lifes. Money: to pay for food and clean water Education: to know what is healthy and not, how to stay healthy and how to take care of ourselves

Is it recommended to exercise every day?

While exercising every day is not mandatory for a healthy lifestyle, it is an excellent idea to do so. It keeps your muscles active and also ensures that your cardiovascular system is also used and strengthened on a regular basis.

What indicates whether a population is healthy or growing?

i dontknow that is why i came to ask.comin the first place.

What is the superlative form for healthy?

Healthy, more healthy, most healthy, or healthy, healthier, healthiest.

What makes the healthy children healthy?

Healthy children become healthy by eating nutritiously and exercising.

Are dark colored drinks healthy or not healthy?

not healthy

Why is healthy living foods healthy for you?

Well, healthy foods are healthy because they contain nutrients and other vitamins for your body. You also need a certian amount of the nutrients and vitamins to be healthy. And when your healthy, you're living healthy. Did that answer your question?

What foods are good for you?

well chocolate and sweets are healthy fizzzy drinks are healthy and even popcorn is healthy. pure orange juice is not healthy veg and fruit are not healthy sandwitches are not healthy and last of all smoothies and milk is not healthy

What is the effect of eating healthy have on having healthy body weight?

If you eat healthy you will have a healthy body weight!

What do you mean by physically healthy?

Physically healthy means that your body is healthy. It does not mean that your mind is healthy though, that is mental health.

Why is it important to have healthy school lunches?

It is important to have healthy school lunches and home lunches because when you have a healthy meal you have a healthy body you should have healthy meals at every meal and healthy meals everyday so you well have a healthy body and bones , and teeth.

What is the intersection of healthy ecosystems healthy economies and healthy communities?

There is an intersection. If there is a healthy ecosystem, a balance is restored amongst all human beings and as a result have healthy communities. If they have healthy communities, that means more work can be done, thus resulting in healthy economies.

Is kissing healthy for you?

if not healthy for your ''health'' its healthy for your mind and your feelings

Is tuna healthy?

yes it is part of your healthy diet so it is healthy