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should girls be allowed to play sports with boys. I think yes but then no because girls are good in sports but boys always have to make a big fuss that girls is not better than boys in sports so i say that boys should look back and realize what they say.

On the other hand no because there is some girls they is too girly and bet boys that they can when sports but no they can not and also they can get hurt cause boys are tough too.

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Q: Should girls be allowed to play guy sports?
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it is not should girls can play but they can play

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Of course they are. As long as they want.

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girls should play on boys sports teams because the thing that is stopping them is a gender matter.

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i belive they do.

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a common question, girls should play any sport a boy can play with the appropriate padding in different areas of their bodies. sports by definition mean "to be athletic" not only boys can be athletic but girls an to.

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boys normally play hardcore sports and they are physically more tough. Girls can compete with guys in any game which requires mentally fitness but since men are stronger than by their natural physique they should have an equal match. which can be happen if girls compete against each other

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if they dont have a car they should have a phone

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In the year of 1972 girls were granted the right to play sports.