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Of course they are. As long as they want.

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Q: Are girls allowed to play sports?
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What are all sports girs are allowed to play?

Uhh...Girls are allowed to play all sports.

What is the percent of girls who are not allowed to play sports sports?


Should girls be allowed to play boy sports?


When were girls first allowed to play sports?

that is a hard question girls have kinda always been aloud to play sports, but in 1974 they made it a law that girls and boys both had the privilege to play the same sports :)

Should girls be allowed to play with boys in sports?

yes they should

Should girls be allowed to play on boys sports teams?


What are sports that women are not allowed to play?

There are no sports in which women are not allowed to play. However, there must be a minimum amount of participating women for there to be an actual sports association for women (as there are men), but there are no sports in which women are not allowed to play. Something strange at my school is that girls can play football but boys can't play volleyball.

Are boys and girls allowed to play on the same team sports in qatar?

i belive they do.

When were women first allowed to play sports?

They were allowed to play sports in 1900.

Should girls and boys be allowed to play on the same sports team?

yes they should and it would be discreamanation

Should girls be allowed to be on sports teams?


Should girls be allowed to play guy sports?

should girls be allowed to play sports with boys. I think yes but then no because girls are good in sports but boys always have to make a big fuss that girls is not better than boys in sports so i say that boys should look back and realize what they say. On the other hand no because there is some girls they is too girly and bet boys that they can when sports but no they can not and also they can get hurt cause boys are tough too.

How many girls play sports?

9,675,354 Play sports

In what year where girls able to play sports?

In the year of 1972 girls were granted the right to play sports.

What girls play world wide sports?

many girls from many countries play different kinds of sports

Should girls play on boys sports teams?

it is not should girls can play but they can play

Are boys sports superior to girls sports?

No they play equal sports.

What sports do only girls play besides softball?

All the sports that boys do but with girls.

Are girls allowed to play college baseball?

No, they are allowed to play collagen baseball.

Should women be allowed to play on mens sports teams?

Yes, because it is a free country. Like boys play football girls might want to play football. If girls want to play baseball, hockey, etc.

Why shoulg boys and girls play sports together?

boys and girls should play sports because they can work as a team

Are girls allowed to play football?

yes of caurse but there not allowed to play perfessional (I am a boy)

Why cant girls play pro sports?

They can and do.

Why can't boys join girls sports but girls can join boy sports?

This comes from a civil rights act called Title 9. For many many years there was no sports for girls nor money for girls sports and all the money went to boys/men ( much of it still does). Girls couldn't play in boys sports and the boys all ready had sports they could play. When Title 9 was passed it stated that girls had to be allowed to play on male only teams and that money had to be equal between the two types of sports programs. Many colleges have gotten into trouble because there is still unequal treatment between men's and women's teams/sports.

Why are girls playing sports now then before?

Because before, girls were not allowed to play so they didn't of course, but now theY are so they are! ITS COMMON SENSE! SORRY TO BE SO FRANK WITH YOU!