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They should people don't believe in us girls doing more "guy" things

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Q: Why shouldn't women be allowed to play male sports?
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Are male sports or women sports viewed more?


Is sports male dominated field?

no there are lots of sports women play like volleyball and cricket

Were women allowed to WATCH ancient Greece theatre?

It is thought that women were not allowed to watch theatre or perform at the theatre, although male actors did play women roles.

Are Muslim women not allowed to cut their hair?

Women are allowed to cut their hair. They are just not allowed to cut it so much that they look male and also men are not allowed to frow their hair below their shoulders.

Why are Muslim women not allowed to leave the house without a male relative?

Not true

Why gurls are not allowed to watch the olympic?

The ancient Greeks did not allow women to attend the Olympics due to the male athletes being naked. Women were also not allowed to compete.

Are women taken for granted in sports?

As a male athlete myself, my opinion is that women are not taken for granted just looked at on a lower level than male sports. The reason this is, is because male sports are often more aggressive and physical than female sports. I'm not saying that females are a lesser race, but most men all have issues with pride making the sports more like battles for dominance more than anything else. Women sports in my opinion are much slower paced and more controlled than male sports. The main reason women would be taken for granted in sports is because the population would rather see a rough, intense game rather than a slower paced strategic game.

How does the lifestyle of a male in Saudi Arabia for their treatment of women?

women dont have many rights; women cant go out in public without a male accompany; not allowed to drive; most girls cant go to school

Why do male sports get more coverage than female sports?

More viewers watch male sports. More advertisers support male sports.

Do male athletes earn more than female athletes?

In most main sports, yes. Men's sports are much more popular then women's.

Why were women not allowed in ancient Olympics?

It was a male religious celebration to the god Zeus. Women had their own religious celebrations which men could not attend.

Why didn't women sign the Mayflower Compact?

Women weren't as excepted back then when the male pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact and were not allowed to sign.

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