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Girls shouldn't play on boys sports team because boys are too aggressive and have more power than girls.Also girls might be to dramatic when they get hurt,and boys might be paying more attention to the girls on their team then in the game.

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Q: Why should boys and girls not be on the same sport team?
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Should girls and boys be on the same sport team?


Both boys and girls should play on the same sport team why or why not?

It depends on how much contact is in the sport and the age group. For example, lacrosse is separated into boys and girls because boys are allowed to check(hit). It depends on the age group because as kids, boys and girls are usually the same size, but guys usually are bigger.

What percent of boys and girls play a sport on the same team?

I think that girls should be aloud to but it would be unfair for a girl because most girls are not as strong so they will not do very well

Should girls and boys be on the same team?

Absoloutly. Girls and boys should be treeted as equals, therfor if the team is REP or an AAA team, than girls and boys should be aloud to play on the same team. Girls on my team can beet up any boys team our age. Why Not?

Why shouldn't boys and girls be on the same sport teams?

because alex is beast

Why should boys and girls be in seprate classes?

They should be in the same class because 1st boys like girls 2nt they can be friends!

Should girls be allowed to play on sport teams along with th boys?

If the sport is a contact sport, than no. Sports like basketball, lacrosse, soccer, etc. require different genders to play separately.yes/no. yes because girls can be as athletic as boys BUT, there are some girls that just aren't that athletic. at times, the boys can be way better than the girls so noI'm 13 and boys at my school who find basketball too hard, like me, are allowed to play netball in the same gym class as the girls. The girls are often better at it than me. So I think boys and girls can play on the same netball team.

What rules should be the same for girls and boys?

All of them

Reasons boys and girls should go to the same school?

boys and girls should go to the same school because it would save money for the parents and girls wouldnt be so shy around boys and would not see boys there own age

Sport boys or girls who is better?

Boys and Girls can be good at the same sports. Most people say that Boys are stronger so there better, but girls have the ability to be just as strong as a guy.

Should boys and girls be in the same classes?

Yes they should. In the real world boys and girls have to mix so it gives them good practice.

Why should girls get the same amount of funding as boys in sports at high school and college level?

Because girls are just as good as boys. And there should be no discrimination whether it is between girls and boys or anything.

Should boys and girls be given the same education?

According to my knowledge & the way earth functions today, my answer is yes. Boys and girls should receive the same education ACADEMICALLY.

Should boys and girls have the same sports?


Should girls play the same sports as boys?


Should boys and girls have the same gym class?


Why should boys and girls play same games?

Because it wouldn't be fair if the girls play soccer and the boys can't

Why should boys and girls play on the same team?

yes if the girls are hot blondes

What Sports do the Irish play using a stick?

camogie and hurling they are the same sport and played in the same way but camogie is for girls and hurling is for boys

Should boys and girls be given the same education and opportunities?

Yes indeed they must be given the same opportunities as the boys.

Should girls be educated the same way as boys?


Why should girls and boys be able to do the same sports?

well they both should be able to because although boys may be stronger girls muscles and brains functions mature faster which makes the girls minds and boys strength about the same so they should be able to do same sports because its also good for them to interact with different genders.

Why boys and girls should not play on the same sports team?

Boys and girls shouldn't play on the same team because boys would most likely be more aggressive then the girls, so the girls would get injured. Also because if the boys and girls are teenagers the boys would most likely be more fit and athletic so they would over power the girls and it wouldn't be fair to them.

How can boys love boys?

Boys love boys the same way girls love boys and boys love girls. It's simple, they are just attracted to one another. How can girls love boys and how can boys love girls? Same answer.

Should boys and girls share same locker room at school?

Yeah, they should do that in every school.