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Well I don't think they have to, but I think that it would be a benefit for the team if the coach has had an experience of playing the sport himself.

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Q: Should coaches have experience of playing the sport they are coaching?
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How do you carry out a coaching session?

The way in which you should carry out a coaching session will vary depending on the sport or class. Some coaches find it helpful to create a coach plan prior to the practice time to keep organized.

What kind of Degree for coaching basketball?

There is no specific degree required for coaching basketball. The more important thing is that the candidate should have solid experience and knowledge of basketball.

How can you apply for a coaching mentoring job?

You can apply for a coaching mentoring job at any college or high school that has openings for the subject position. Coaching jobs requires not only a degree in physical education but also requires experience in the field of study. Even coaching little league baseball could serve as experience in regards to applying for a coaching mentoring job and should be pursued diligently.

Coaches apostrophe s or not?

It should be: coaches'. (not coaches's)

What kind of experience does one need for a career in football coaching?

Football coaching is extremely difficult and the coach should be experienced in coaching. Preferably the coach will have already worked as an assistant or even as coach for another team prior to becoming coach for another team.

Should all sport coaches have to have experience in playing that sport?

Well, they should have knowledge of the sport, yes, but they do not have to be a participant in the sport. However, taking part in the sport gives more experience and knowledge, so it would be the better option to choose a coach who has played the sport and has knowledge over a coach who has not played the sport but has knowledge.

Are coaching becoming substitute for school education?

What is your question asking? Are coaches becoming subs? Some are and some aren't. To sub ( at least in the state of CA) you need college units and should have a teaching credential.

Why should rider coaches coordinate their use of range signals with other rider coaches?

In the BRC RC guide book, Section V, page 31, the sixth bullet point: During team teaching, RiderCoaches must coordinate range management and coaching functions to facilitate positive learning and safety.

Why should private coaching banned?

it shouldn't

Do referees give coaches red cards?

The Laws of Association Football state that only players and substitutes can be booked or dismissed from the field of play. Coaches can be ordered away from the touchline and asked to leave the vicinity of the pitch, but cannot be shown a card. Any abuse by a member of the coaching staff should be reported by the official in a post-match misconduct form, as should all misconduct by players and spectators alike.

What are some things i may need to know about baseball?

If you're watching, you really don't need to know anything. You can learn as you watch the game. If you're playing, the coaches should tell you what you will need to know. If you want to be an umpire or scorekeeper, you need to know the rules. If you're announcing, you should know the team, the players, and some interesting facts and statistics about the teams and players. If you're coaching, you should know the rules and some fundamentals and strategies.

Should coaches make 12yr cry after game?

A good coach? No. The problem with many youth coaches and parents is they act like the girls are playing under a million dollar contract. They fail to understand that a coaches job is to instruct, teach, educate, and motivate a player. I've coached travel teams for years and have heard coaches and parents speak badly about a players decision making and playing ability with no regard to whether the player has every been instructed on what to do in a given situation. Remember we should all play and coach because we love it and we want to not because we have no choice.

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