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There is no specific degree required for coaching Basketball. The more important thing is that the candidate should have solid experience and knowledge of basketball.

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Q: What kind of Degree for coaching basketball?
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What kind of degree does a basketball player need?

You are not required to have a degree to play basketball.

What kind of degree do you need to coach college basketball?

bachelors degree

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What is the domension of the basketball coaching box on a regulation basketball court?

what is the answer

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Why do people hate basketball?

coaching and set plays

Who is coaching the Wisconsin badgers in Basketball?

Bo Ryan

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What kind of degree do you need to be a high school basketball coach?

Physical Education

What kind of degree do you need in order to become a basketball player?

Bachelor of sports

Where can one find information on basketball coaching?

There are certification courses and workshops where you can learn all about basketball coaching. There are also training camps, books, DVDs and numerous websites.

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