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It's a travel.

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Q: Player shoots air ball and then catches it what is the call?
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If a player catches a fly ball and in attempting to throw it to hold a runner but drops the ball is this an error on the player and is the hitter awarded a hit?

If the fielder catches the ball and, during the motion of reaching into the glove to grab the ball to throw, the ball drops to the ground the batter is called out. As long as the fielder has complete control of the ball before attempting to throw, the umpire will call the batter out.

What do you call a person that trespasses and shoots or catches game birds or animals?

The person is a poacher.

What does Rosalee call Emmet when he climbs the tree and catches the ball?

Her Monkey Man

When the receiver catches the ball the pass is call what?

For the passer, it's called a completion. For the receiver, it's called a reception.

What do they someone who catches Beavers?

What do they call someone that catches Beavers

When playing out a point whose responsibility is it to call a ball in or out?

the player whose side the ball is on

What are the rules of a home run for it to count?

it has to be a fair ball, and go over the fence. if a fan reaches over the fence and catches the ball, the umpires can call it back. If you had some violation such as being out of the box when you hit the ball or if you had two much pine tar on your bat, the umpires can call that back as well.

What do you call the player who most often runs with the ball?

A quarterback.

What do you do if your brother shoots you?

Call the police.

In football can one offensive player call time out while another offensive player has the ball but has not been tackled?

No, a timeout can not be called until the player with the ball is down or out of bounds.

Could a football goalkeeper put the ball against a player's hand and call it a hand ball?

No. The ball must be handled deliberately for there to be an infraction.

What do you call somebody who catches criminal?