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A quarterback.

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Q: What do you call the player who most often runs with the ball?
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What does ball under mean in water polo?

It means that the ball is being held under water by on offensive player. On most occasions, a defensive player pushed the hand of the offensive player down. (if the hand of the player's hand is on top of the ball, a defensive player can push it down.) This call means there is a turnover. Hope that helps you out!

Ball hits home and pops into the catcher's mitt before hitting the ground is it in play?

The typical and most often call is it will be ruled a foul ball due to the fact that the catcher is in foul territory.

What is a player control foul?

A player-control foul is an offensive foul committed by the player in control of the ball. The most often seen PC foul is for what most people call a charge, even though this is not the technically correct term. This type of foul never results in free throws for the offended team, even if he offended team is in the "bonus" or "double bonus."

What is a dig in volleyball?

A dig is when the ball is very low and the player still is able to hit it, it is called "digging the ball". Most times when digging the ball the player will "dive" for the ball.

Why is Michael Jordan the most decorated player in the NBA?

because he is the tallest basket ball player in the history of basket ball

What is meant by ball on in snooker?

Technically, a ball is 'on' if it can be legally struck by the cue ball. However, the term is most often used to mean that a ball can be potted. For example, if the term was used in commentary e.g 'There are no reds on', this is unlikely to mean the player is snookered (as it technically should), rather that no reds are in potable positions.

What is bigger a ball or a bucket?

Depends what the size of the object is- most often it is the bucket.

What is pass in volleyball?

Generally, a pass is referred to as the receive after an opponent's serve or attack. When the ball comes to your side, you pass the ball to a member of your team, which is where the term comes from. Most often, the pass will be performed in an underhand fashion, called a bump, in which case the player joins their hands, contacts the ball with the forearms, and controls power using the legs. An overhand pass is called a volley and is used most often in sets.

Where is the ball placed when a player goes down?

The ball is placed at its location at the time that the play is dead, or at the most forward progress if the player is pushed back by an opponent.

Who is the weakest basketball player?

Lebron James is the most weaksest basket ball player; he will never get a ring.

If the pitched ball hits the umpire is it a dead ball?

It depends. If the ball hits the umpire in the mask and stuns him. He will most likely call a dead ball or time. If he doesn't thoug. It is a live ball and still in play.

In volleyball what is a carry and what happens when someone carry football?

a carry or lift is called when the ball remains in contact with a player for too long. (determined by the official) most often occurs on a set.

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