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A quarterback.

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Q: What do you call the player who most often runs with the ball?
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What does ball under mean in water polo?

It means that the ball is being held under water by on offensive player. On most occasions, a defensive player pushed the hand of the offensive player down. (if the hand of the player's hand is on top of the ball, a defensive player can push it down.) This call means there is a turnover. Hope that helps you out!

What is a MLB player?

A MLB player is an athlete who plays in the Major League Baseball.

Why is Michael Jordan the most decorated player in the NBA?

because he is the tallest basket ball player in the history of basket ball

What is meant by ball on in snooker?

Technically, a ball is 'on' if it can be legally struck by the cue ball. However, the term is most often used to mean that a ball can be potted. For example, if the term was used in commentary e.g 'There are no reds on', this is unlikely to mean the player is snookered (as it technically should), rather that no reds are in potable positions.

What is a volley ball dig?

dig -- A player passes the ball which has been attacked by the opposition.

What is bigger a ball or a bucket?

Depends what the size of the object is- most often it is the bucket.

Where is the ball placed when a player goes down?

The ball is placed at its location at the time that the play is dead, or at the most forward progress if the player is pushed back by an opponent.

In volleyball what is a carry and what happens when someone carry football?

a carry or lift is called when the ball remains in contact with a player for too long. (determined by the official) most often occurs on a set.

What is a lift in volleyball?

Okay, there are about 3 fouls in volleyball: # A carry: when you preform a set, but your arms and palms are facing towards the ceiling. # When your body touches the net # When your foot crosses the serving line

Who is the most dominate player in call of duty world at war?

I am

What is the meaning of player control foul in basketball?

>A player control foul is what uninformed people call a charge. In reality, a charge is similar >to a blocking foul. Actually, a player control foul is any foul that is committed by a player who is control of the ball. This is in contrast to three other types of fouls: A team control foul is a foul that is committed by a player whose team has the ball but who is not the team member in control of the ball. A loose ball foul is committed when neither team is in control of the ball. There is no term for the usual foul committed when the other team has control of the ball. A charge is the "rulebook" term for a pushing foul. It can be committed as a player control foul, a team control foul, a loose ball foul, or a "defensive" foul. The official should signal a player control foul (of any type, charging, tripping, or otherwise) with one hand behind the head and the other arm extended outward. A defensive charging foul is signaled by the official using a pushing motion. The reason for the distinction between player control, team control, loose ball, and defensive fouls is that when a team is over the foul limit, free throws are awarded for some types of fouls but not others. (I believe you shoot for any foul except player control, but this may differ by organization - HS, NCAA, NBA, etc.)

If you miss the eight ball when its your last ball is that a lloss?

Yes, if you scratch in any way on the eight ball, you lose. (That includes sinking the eight ball in a pocket you didn't call) * Added - Missing the 8 ball under most rules is a foul, not a loss of game. Many House Rules will call the miss loss of game.