One famous Olympic medalist

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Mark Spitz!

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Q: One famous Olympic medalist
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Who was the first Australian olympic medalist?

Stephine Rice Stephine Rice you won the first one

Who are the Australian olympic gold medal winners from?

One Australian Olympic gold medalist is Steven Hooker in the pole vault. He also holds the olympic pole vault record.

Who was the woman's Olympic high jump gold medalist in 1912?

No one. Women did not begin competing in Olympic athletics (track and field) until the 1928 Games in Amsterdam.

Who is tom ashenbrenner in the Jim thorpe story?

Tom Ashenbrenner in "The Jim Thorpe Story" was one of his coaches early on. Jim Thorpe was an Olympic medalist.

What is one famous landmark in Canada?

the Montreal Olympic stadium is an famous landmark in Canada!

Which countries pay their Olympic athletes?

Thai Incentives Gold medalist = $314,000Silver medalist = $187,788Bronze medalist = $125,213Philippine Incentives Gold medalist = US$220,000Azerbaijan Incentives: Gold: AZN 100,000 and NOC-AZN 50,000Silver: AZN 50,000 and NOC AZN 30,000Bronze: AZN 25,000 and AZN 20,000The AZN amounts are converted to the following: AZN 100,000 = USD 123,777AZN 50,000 = USD 61,888AZN 25,000 = USD 30,944I honestly don't know the difference between AZN and NOC-AZN.Russia Incentives: Gold medalist: 100,000 euros (US$150,000)Silver medalist: 60,000 euros (US$90,000)Bronze medalist: 40,000 euros (US$60,000)Slovenia Incentives: Individual events:Gold medalist: 39,350 euros (62,920 U.S. dollars)Silver medalist: 30,400 euros (48,609 dollars)Bronze medalist: 21,450 euros (34,298 dollars)Team events: Gold medalists in team sports will each receive 10,000 euros (15,990 dollars) from the Slovenian Olympic Committee in addition to the one-off 96,750 euros (154,703 dollars) that the state is giving to the whole teamMalaysia Incentives [Note: These amounts may have already been increased.]Medal incentives:Gold = RM160,000 [US$ 49,088.96]Silver = RM80,000 [US$ 24,544.48]Bronze = RM40,000 [US$ 12,272.24]Monthly pension for retired medalists: Gold medalist = RM3,500Silver medalist = RM1,500Bronze medalist = RM1,000Allowance for Olympic qualifiers: Monthly allowance = RM1,000 [US$318]United States Incentives [Note: This was for the 2004 Olympics]Gold medalist = $25,000Silver medalist = $15,000Bronze medalist = $10,000Canada Incentives [in Canadian dollars]Gold medalist = $20,000Silver medalist = $15,000Bronze medalist = $10,000Australia Incentives Quote from an official:"We have a medal incentive scheme which only goes down to number four and the best are getting $18,000."Kenya Incentives Gold medalist = US$11,000Silver medalist = US$ 7,500Bronze medalist = US$ 3,700Palestine Incentives Monthly allowance: US$ 100Argentina Incentives Olympic qualifiers:Sportsmen diplomas and scholarships of 4,000 pesos. [US $ 1,326]

Who was the first British competitor to get a gold in the Olympics?

Great Britain's first Olympic gold medalist was Launceston Elliot in one handed weightlifting at the 1896 Games in Athens.

Famous landmarks Canada?

olympic park is one you can find them on Google type in Canada's famous landmarks

Who is the olympic gold medalist for short speed skating?

There is a winner for each gender, for each distance, and a new one every year. Also you would have to be more specific about what competition your talking about.

How can you use wishes in a sentence?

One of her most dire wishes was to be an Olympic gold medalist.

Name the first male british althlete who has won a gold medal?

Great Britain's first Olympic gold medalist was Launceston Elliot in one handed weightlifting at the 1896 Games in Athens.

Who are the most famous American Olympic athletes in history?

Micheal phelps has to be the most famous Olympic for having the most medals ever, and getting the most at one Olympic games. Another famous olympic of 2012 is Gaby Douglas who was the first African American to win gold in gymnastics individually and in all around. The Magnificat 7 were also very famous... The list goes on.

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