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January 1st

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Q: Northern Hemisphere race horses have a common birthday no matter when they were born?
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Why is your birthday the horses birthday?

Do you live in the Northern Hemisphere? Is your birthday January 1? Then your birthday is going to be the same as every horse born in the Northern Hemisphere. Do you live in the Southern Hemisphere? Is your birthday August 1? Then your birthday is going to be the same as every horse born in the Southern Hemisphere. Now, with that out of the way, allow me to explain. For purposes of simplifying the aging of the animals for contracts/sale/etc. one of the above-noted dates was assigned for all horses in the particular hemisphere in question. Period. As to why the date is different in each hemisphere? I haven't got a clue. I can tell you why it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere while it is Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. But ... why they have each chosen the distinctly different day for the marking of horses' birthdays ... that's beyond my ken.

What is the birthday to a thoroughbred horse?

All Thoroughbreds in the northern hemisphere have the birth-date of January 1st, in the southern hemisphere it's August 1st. This is used no matter what the horses actual birthday may be.

Why do thoroughbred horses have the same bi-r-thday?

The Jockey Club gives all Thoroughbreds in the northern Hemisphere the birthday of January first and in the southern hemisphere the birthday of September first of their birth year to make it easier to sort the horses into races. They still have their actual birthdays written onto their registration records but they just use a general birthday to make things easier.

What hemisphere does a horse live in?

You know horses live only in two places on earth... The Northern and Southern Hemisphere.

When was it decided that 1 august is a horses birthday?

In the USA/Northern Hemisphere, many breeds of horses use January 1st as the official foaling date of all foals born in a certain year. August 1st is the official date for the Southern Hemisphere. I could not find a specific date when this rule was instituted.

Why are horses birthdays August first?

Actually, January 1 is used as the common birth date for horses in the northern hemisphere and August 1 for horses in the southern hemisphere. This is to coincide with horse racing seasons.Another user said:Thoroughbred breeders breed the foals to be born on the first of August so that when the time comes for the foal to be broken it is the right time of year for them to race. And other horse owners celebrate their horses birthdays on the 1st of August because they may not know when the horses actual birthday is and so they celebrate it on the 1st of August.

Do seahorses live in the southern or northern hemisphere?

Trick question, sea horses live in the ocean.

Why horses birthday first August?

To allow for standardisation across all horse related (mostly sporting) events. It is based upon the general breeding season in the Southern Hemisphere. So for a horse actually born in (say) July, it actually and officially turns 1, on the 1st August, even though it is physically just a few days or weeks old. In the northern hemisphere, the horses birthday is January 1st each year.

What is the birthday of all race horses?

all race horses have the same birthday January first

What hemisphere does horses live in?

horses are all over the world so technically they are in all hemispheres

Do horses live in northern Europe?

Yes- Russia has plenty of horses. Horses DO live in northern Europe. They are VERY VERY useful to Many Many people escpecially the king and queen

Are horses native animals on the northern American continent?

Yes Horses are Native there.

Is the first of August really national horses birthday?

January 1 is the day many breeds choose to change the age of the horses each year. It's not really a birthday as the horses usually aren't born on that day.

What is the official horse birthday?

The official birthday for all race horses is January first

Can you board horses at golden gate fields in Northern California?

You can board horses at Golden Gate Fields in Northern California. You would first have to submit a stall application in order to be considered.

What is the birthday of all horses?

The 1st of August

What do you call the date of a horses birth?

His birthday.

Can horses have twins?

Yes, horses can have twins, but it is not very common.

What is the official birthday of all American Quarter Horses?

January 1

What is the most common thing to kill horses?

A most common is colic in horses, because horses are physically unable to vomit, any stomach or digestive problem can be serious with a horse.

What do horses and dolphins have in common?

what do horses and dolphins have in common? well: horses and dolphins are both animals, have a tail and have a long nose .

Why is the great 3year old Filly Surround not in the the Racehorses Hall of Fame?

The US is not the only place that has horse racing. Surround was indeed an Australian horse and in 1976 became the only filly to win the Australian equivalent of the US Triple Crown. that's how good she was. Young Australian horses rarely race in the Northern hemisphere becasue their 'birthday is 1st July making them either 6 months older or younger than northern hemishere horses. In my opinion, maybe Surround is a great horse but at that time in Australia they didn't really get that much attention in giving them a Hall of Fame award not much like in American Horse Racing.

The most common homozygous recessive coloring in horses is what color?

The most common homozygous recessive coloring in horses is Chestnut.

What horses are used for flat racing?

Thoroughbreds, standardbreds, and quarter horses are the most common race horses.

What years were wild horses caught in Northern California?