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Large races like the Kentucky Derby allows 20 horses. The average number for smaller races is 8 to 10 horses.

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Q: How much horses race in a race...All of the horse races in a race.?
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How much rest should a horse get before racing again?

How much rest a race horse should get between races is dependent upon the horse and his health. Usually race horse trainers will give their horses about 3 weeks (21 days) between races. Some horses are able to be raced more or less frequently.

Are Arabian horses racing horses?

Thoroughbreds have Arab in them, like all horse breeds in the world. but full Arabian horse races are relativity new and haven't really caught on as much as Thoroughbred racing or quarter horse racing but they do exist.

How do you breed horses in Derby Owners Club World Edition?

After 20 races you may retire your horse at anytime after a race once retired the horse can be used for breeding about 10times( after 30 races your horse slows down in the race so enter in 29 before retiring) This is when and how much I know but once you do it you'll probably figure the actual breeding out. ByeBye!

How do you ride on Howrse?

You cannot ride a horse on but you can put your horse in a race against other horses but you cannot see or ride your horse on howrse. To win races you must train your horse as much as you can and if you want you can sell it in the auctions and for good trained horses you can get lots of money on the game... hope that answers your question you can ride and see your horse on howrse there is a button on the croner of the horse page it says ride you click that and say how long you want it to be.

What are some good ideas for horse racing gifts for someone who likes to go to the horse races?

World of Cantik is one of the best online stores where you can get a host of present for horse racing gift for horse lovers at your doorstep. From horse scrapbooks to socks and bags, World of Cantik has a variety of horse-printed merchandise for you to choose from.. Small, thoughtful gifts are much more valuable than expensive ones. If you want to give something meaningful to that horse rider, or a general lover of horses, get the best ones from and get a chance to choose from some stunning gift ideas for your beloved horse enthusiasts.

What characteristics are shown by miniature horses?

Miniature horses are artificially created by human beings through selected breeding. They do not exist naturally in the wild. Miniature horses can be bred from most normal sized races, and usually display the behavioral characteristics and appearance of the race from which they were created. Naturally, a miniature horse will have less stamina, speed and not much of a leap compared to a normal size horse.

How much are horse?

It would realy all depend on the horses' breed, health, age, and what kind of shape its in. For example, if you're looking for a nice calm horse to keep as a pet, the price wouldn't nearly be as much as a Polo Pony, or a race horse. Race horses, my gosh, can be around $200,000! Even more if they've won a lot of races. But if you're looking for a riding horse, then the price could be almost anything. Usually, riding ponies prices range from $3,000 to around $12,000.

How do you know how the horse is 2 years old?

If it is thoroughbred that is going to be racin, the birthday for all thoroughrbeds is Jan. 1st, because of how many there are and how the races are set up by age and it is much easier to watch how old horses are this way.

How can a horse break its leg?

Horses can break a leg in many ways; stumbling, galloping, races, fighting, and the most common, jumping. When a horse breaks its leg, it's in a lot of pain. The bone could be set, but your horse will always limp. But, if it does heal, it wont do much good, as the horse will still be in a lot of pain, as i said, limp, and may or may not get up at all. That's why most owners euthanize their horses, meaning, they put them down. You can look up ways a horse breaks it leg to find out more. Just be safe and gentle with your horse ;)

How much energy does your horse need on howrse to go in a race?

27% of your horse's energy for galloping and trotting races.

How much time dose a horse vet have to spend with the horses?

depends on what is wrong with the horse

How much are horses usually?

Prices of horses can range. It really depends what type of horse you want. A racing horse or a purebred, a horse to pull carts? Purebred horses are extremely expensive as they are quite rare. But in general, most horses are above $3000 unless buying from a friend.

How much does a horse head and neck weigh?

The actual weight of a horse head and neck varies depending on the horse. Mature horses will weigh more than horses that are not fully developed.

How much exercise should horses get?

It is good for a horse to get at least one hour daily but if this is not possible leave your horse out to graze perfurably with other horses.

How much do clydesdale horses eat?

They eat as much as a normal horse would. They are no different than any other horse. They are just a type of horse.

How much does a horse trailer with two horses weigh?

It depends on the sixe of the trailer and the size of the horses

A horse's daily ration is mainly determined by its weight and the work it does?

Correct! A horses diet is rationed on the weight and size of the horse and how much daily exercise it does. Correct! A horses diet is rationed on the weight and size of the horse and how much daily exercise it does.

Is a semi wild horse - A domesticated horse that has become wild again?

Not exactly. A semi-wild horse is a horse that retains much of its "wildness" but is still raised by humans. Bucking horses are semi-wild horses, for instance.

How much does a horse cost buy to that is an old race horse?

if your asking how much it is to buy an old race horse it usually depends on how many races the horse won or how good it was it can range anywhere from 1000$ to 20000$

How much of grain do horses eat?

That depends very much on the horse in question.

Who studies horses?

Vets, horse trainers and breeders, zoologist's, and pretty much anyone fascinated by horses

How much gut do horses have?

it depends on the horse.<3

About how much are horses?

my sister just bought a horse and it was $2,500. it depends on the horse that U R going to get.

How much corn should be in a horses diet?

That depends on how big the horse is and how much work it is in.

How much can a horse weigh?

It depends ont the breed and class of the horse. You have ponies light horses and draft horses. Most light horses range between 800 and 1500 pounds. Drafts can get up over 2000