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Q: Name the teams Wayne Rooney has scored a hat trick against?
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How many teams has Wayne Rooney played for?

Wayne Rooney played for Manchester United and Everton.

What players have scored hat tricks in champions league playing for English teams?

Wayne Rooney vs Fenerbache 2004 Andy Cole vs PSV 1997 To name a couple.

Peter schmeichel scored against who?

He scored 9 goals in his football career against a 9 different teams ..

What player scored 3 times at wembly for 3 different teams against the same goalkeeper?

who scored a goal at wembley with 3 diffrent teams against same goalkeeper

Who is the left midfield football player for Manchester United?

Ji sung Park against big teams, Wayne Rooney when a compact midfield is needed, Ryan Giggs when its an open game, Nani on Occasions

Football player scored at wembley in the same year for 3 different teams against the same goalkeeper and in what year?

which player scored at wembley with 3 different teams against same goalkeeper

What NFL player has scored against all 32 teams?

Terrell Owens

Who has scored against Manchester united whilst playing for 6 different teams?

Brian Deane

How many times have players scored for and against their own teams in the premier league league?


What NFL running back has scored a touchdown against the most teams in their career?

Jim Brown

What do pf and pa mean in fantasy football standings?

pf: points for (points scored by your team) PA: Points Against (points scored by the teams you were matched up against each week)

How many touchdowns did Jerry Rice score on Deion Sanders?

Jerry Rice has scored 14 touchdowns against Sanders.think you will find he scored 14 against teams sanders played for not when he was covered by sanders

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