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Neil Harris

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Q: Which player has played for 6 top flight teams and scored against Manchester united for all of them?
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Current premiership player who has played for 3 different clubs and scored against Manchester united?

Danny Murphy

Which player played for Manchester United and Manchester City?

Denis law played for them during the 1960s and 70s

What player has scored for Liverpool against Manchester United for Manchester United against Liverpool and won the Premiership with a London club but never played for his country?

Jermaine Pennant, Scored an own goal for united as a Liverpool player and scored against united as a Liverpool player and won the Prem with THE ARSENAL but was born in Jamaica but has represented England.

How many players have scored a hat trick against Manchester united in the champions league?

No player has hat trick against manchester united

What player has played for Liverpool and Manchester united?

It will be Michael Owen who Joined Manchester United.

Which player have played for Manchester united and Manchester city?

It is Carlos Tevez,he moved in 2009.

Which player played for Manchester United Manchester City Liverpool and Bolton?

peter beardsley

Who was the last ex Manchester United player to score against Manchester United?

Denis Law? Denis Law?

Which player played for Manchester united Manchester city and Newcastle?

Peter Beardlsey and Andy Cole

What player has scored most goals against Manchester United?

Danny murphy

Who is the only player to have played for Newcastle United Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United?

Peter Beardsley

Who was the Last player to score a hatrick against Manchester united?

Ronaldo when he played for Real Madrid. Truely the best player to play the game. He is the only one to score on them in 3 decades.

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