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who scored a goal at wembley with 3 diffrent teams against same goalkeeper

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Q: What player scored 3 times at wembly for 3 different teams against the same goalkeeper?
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Football player scored at wembley in the same year for 3 different teams against the same goalkeeper and in what year?

which player scored at wembley with 3 different teams against same goalkeeper

Chris Woods goalkeeper for ranger who scored the most goals against him?

Terry Butcher

Who scored against the same goalkeeper on three separate occastions at wembley in the same year?


What Football goalkeeper has scored the most goals?

Rogério Ceni of Brazil/São Paulo scored 103 goals in his career. He scored 55 free kicks (the record for a goalkeeper) and 46 penalties (a record for a goalkeeper). José Luis Chilavert is the second goalkeeper to score the most goals with 62 goals he scored a record 8 international goalkeeper goals and is the only keeper to scor a hat trick.

Which player scored farther goal?

The goalkeeper was from japan, he kicked it into the other sides net. Mind you that day there was a fog as well.

Has a soccer goalkeeper ever scored a goal?


Has Pepe Reina scored a goal?

no pepe reina hasn't scored a goal as he is a goalkeeper

Which player scored for Liverpool against man utd and scored for man utd against Liverpool?

Paul Ince

Current premiership player who has played for 3 different clubs and scored against Manchester united?

Danny Murphy

Does the goalkeeper kick in the Kicks from the Mark tiebreaker?

Yes indeed. In fact, Manuel Neuer (Goalkeeper of Bayern Munich) actually scored a penalty for Bayern in the Champions League Final against Chelsea in the penalty shootout!

Peter schmeichel scored against who?

He scored 9 goals in his football career against a 9 different teams ..

Who scored the farthest goal ever?

Goalkeeper Robinson scored the farthest goal from a goal kick.

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