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swimming - rhythmic gymnastics is lame -------- I would have to pick rhythmic gemnastics because that you can do anywhere and you don't need to carry a pool with you.

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2009-02-08 01:30:54
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Q: My mom says you can ether do competitive swimming or rhythmic gymnastics what should I take up?
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What age should you start gymnastics for a competitive career?

4 and 1/2 (ish)

Should a girl choose rhythmic gymnastics or regular gymnastics?

A girl should do some research on each of them and see which it sounds like she'll enjoy more. Or she should try both and decide after a week or so of doing them.

How much swimming practice should a 10 year old competitive swimmer get?


Is 5'1 too short for rhythmic gymnastics?

no. it's actually better if your shorter. you can keep things longer and you should be more flexible than taller people. :) good luck .

In competitive swimming should you breathe from the nose or the mouth?

In reality you really should breathe using both your nose and mouth. Swimming is an aerobic exercise, and therefore requires your body to grab as much oxygen as you can in order to perform well.

Why would a competitive swimming pool be 33 meters long?

It wouldn't be. If you're swimming in meters the pool should be 50 meters, and I've seen them be 25 meters occasionally. If you're swimming in yards the pool would be 25 yards.

How should your breathing be when running?


Should you ever do gymnastics without mats?

no you should not do gymnastics without mats

Should you start elite gymnastics?

you should start elite gymnastics if you think you could go somewhere with it!

How many years of gymnastics should you take?

Well it does not really matter, it really depends. if you are really good or extremely competitive than you can do it for a while. But if you are like me that you get a surgery of a fractured bone or hut your self a lot dont do competitive and move to something smaller. So you can be how ever old you just have to be strong to stay with your program.

What sport should i do after i quit gymnastics?

have sex

When should you start gymnastics?

you should start when your probably 10 or 9

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