How many years of gymnastics should you take?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Well it does not really matter, it really depends. if you are really good or extremely competitive than you can do it for a while. But if you are like me that you get a surgery of a fractured bone or hut your self a lot dont do competitive and move to something smaller. So you can be how ever old you just have to be strong to stay with your program.

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Q: How many years of gymnastics should you take?
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Who should do gynastics?

Anybody can take gymnastics classes.

How long does it take to train for gymnastics?

anywhere from five years to one month

How can you get into gymnastics and where do you go?

If you really think you like gymnastics or would like to try it. Just google your town for places to take Gymnastics and you should have places come up. Then sign up and try it out. I took gymnastics for a few years and I still love it today, but you do have to have some talent at it or it can be difficult, but it's always good to try it out! Good luck!

How long would it take you to move up a level in gymnastics if your not that talented?

1-4 years

How many school years should you take?


What should you do dance or gymnastics?

Why not both!? Dance will help you with gymnastics, and gymnastics will help you with dance! Gymnastics is more of a mental sport, and if you decide to quit once you move up levels and it gets too hard, you can always do dance! Trust me, if you want to do gymnastics, at the minimum take a few ballet classes. They will help you gain flexibility, pointed toes and straight knees as well as your artistry in gymnastics. If you have enough money, I advise you to take dance and gymnastics.

How many years does it take to become a mechanical engineer?

In most countries should take 5 years

How many school years do you need to take?

at least 11 but you should take 12

How do you take gymnastics?

Find a local gymnastics club and sign up!

How many years of college does a botanist need to take?

You would need a bachelors degree which should take about four years.