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A girl should do some research on each of them and see which it sounds like she'll enjoy more. Or she should try both and decide after a week or so of doing them.

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Q: Should a girl choose rhythmic gymnastics or regular gymnastics?
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Can you do artistic and rhythmic gymnastics?

Yes, you can. BUT if you want to get serious with either sport it's a good idea to just choose one because of amount of training. Also, in artistic gymnastics, it's not good to be too flexible or tall (as there is a limited space between uneven bars).

Should a girl choose her boyfriend or gymnastics?

well if gymnast is your world obviously u should choose it. boyz r nothin but trouble and get in the way of you and your goals.

How many event in women gymnastics?

In women's artistic gymnastics (what is known as regular gymnastics) has four events. The Balance Beam, the Uneven Bars, the Vault, and the Floor Exercise. Athletes may choose the events individually and just compete that event, or they may choose to compete in the all around competition. Meaning they compete on all four apparatuses.

Should you go to Florida university For gymnastics?

Whether you should go to Florida University for gymnastics will entirely depend on you. If you choose to go, you need to contact the administration and get as many details as possible before enrolling.

Is the manner in which the Olympic gymnastics team chosen fair?

of course the olympic gymnastics people choose its teams fairly!

Can you choose only to perform floor in gymnastics?

no you can do it on bars, trampoline,etc

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What is joga gymnastics?

Joga gymnastics is a gymnastics league that is less practice time and you can choose your own routine and music. It is probely more for people that do other sports or for people that like to do there own stuff. I think it is really fun. But that's just me. Hope I help :)

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