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Q: Most points scored in first 400 games played in NBA?
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How do you find Points per game in basketball?

First, take the points scored in the amount of games played. Take the total number of points scored and divide it by the number of games played. Ex. Joe scored 14 points in 3 games. 14 divided by 3 equals 4 and 2/3.

How are points scored in racquetball?

In racquetball, casual games are played to 15. In tournaments, two rounds are played to 11. If there is a tie after the first two rounds, a third round is played to 7 points.

What is the league average points scored per team in NFL in 2009?

divide total points scored by games played. in sports section every day.

During the first five basketball games of the season a player scored 22 17 21 9 17 points what is the mean of the total points scored per game?


Who scored the most points in the olympic of 2012 basketball for u.s.a?

Basketball who in the 2012 olympic games scored the most points

How do you average point a game?

Get the points scored in every game in the season, add them up and divide that by the number of games played

What is the most points scored in the elite eight games?


How many goals has Joe Ingles scored in the Olympic games?

Joe Ingles scored 24 points in 6 games, averaging 4.0 points per game. He was absent from one match and did not play. He scored the most points in a game against USA in Quarterfinals, 11 points.

Who scored the most points at the 1992 men's olympic basketball game?

I believe Oscar Schmidt of Brazilian National team scored the most points. He scored 198 points in 8 games, 24.8 points on average. I don't know if someone scored higher than him.

What is the record for the most points scored by an NFL team in a single season?

The Minnesota Vikings scored 556 points in 1998. The New England Patriots scored 589 points in 2007. The Denver Broncos scored 606 points in 2013. * totals do not include playoff games (58 pts for Broncos, 66 pts for Patriots, each 3 games)

What is the most points scored by a single player in a basketball game?

In the Far Eastern Games, Luis "Lou" Salvador scored the Philippines, and the Far Eastern Games all-time record for the most points scored by a player in a single game. He scored 116 points to lead the Philippines beat China, and recapture the gold medal.

Who has scored the most points in a single NBA season?

In the 1961-1962 season Wilt Chamberlain score 4029 points in 80 games for an average of 50.4 points scored per game.

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