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Basketball who in the 2012 olympic games scored the most points

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Q: Who scored the most points in the olympic of 2012 basketball for u.s.a?
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What is the highest ever score in the basketball at the Olympics?

Most points were scored by the USA team at the 2012 London Olympics. USA scored 156 against Nigeria,Who scored 73 points.

Is basketball still an olympic sport 2012?

Yes, basketball is still an Olympic sport. The 2012 Olympic Games will be held in London.

Is the 2012 female olympic basketball team professional players?


What place did GB come in Basketball?

In the men's basketball they came 9th in London 2012 Olympic Games

When last did the US achieved the olympic gold medal in basketball?

2012 london olympics

What is the most points scored by the Seattle Seahawks in one game?

The most points scored by the Seahawks in one game is 58. They did it in a 58-0 victory against the Cardinals in 2012.

When was the last time an NFL team scored only 2 points?

Well, today of course. The Falcons lost 24-2 to the Giants. Don't know the previous time.

What team scored the most points in which college football bowl game and how many points did they rack up?

west virginia university scored 70 points in the 2012 orange bowl against the clemson tigers

What is the a standard for the decathlon?

The 2012 Olympic A standard was 8200 points, B standard was 7950.

Did the Philippines qualified for 2012 olympic in mens basketball?

No, because your grammar is wrong. DID+QUALIFIED=IDIOTIC GRAMMAR

Most points scored by 2 teammates in NBA game?

I think it may be 91 by kevin durant and russell westbrook against denver in febraury 2012. Durant went for 51, westbrook went for 40, however do not take my word for this. Update: The above answer is the most points scored by two teammates in the 2011-2012 regular season so far. However, on March 2, 1962 , Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 points and Al Attles scored 17 points for a combined 117 points by two teammates in one game.

What is the fastest goal scored at the Men's Olympic Football Tournament?

Oribe Peralta for Mexico v Brazil at Wembley in London 2012

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