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Dream Team

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Q: Men's basketball team at the 1992 summer olympic?
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When was mens basketball made open to professionals for the first time at the Olympic Games?

1992 Games in Barcelona.

What is the Australia team name for the basketball in the olympic games?

the Australian mens basketball team is called the boomers the Australian mens basketball team is called the boomers

What was the nickname of the American mens basketball team in 1992 Olympics?

The Dream Team

How many gold medals are actually awarded to the winning mens basketball team at the Olympic games?


Did the Philippines qualified for 2012 olympic in mens basketball?

No, because your grammar is wrong. DID+QUALIFIED=IDIOTIC GRAMMAR

How many medals have the Australian mens basketball team won at past olympic games?

0.Through the 2008 Games in Beijing, the Australian men's basketball team has never won an Olympic medal.

Who one gold in mens basketball at London 2012 olympic games?

The USA won both the Men and Women's events

What country is leading in olympic basketball mens?

Currently (15 August) Belarus, USA, Lithuania, and Argentina have advanced to the quarterfinals.

How many teams in Asia will qualified for 2012 olympic in London in mens basketball?

1- CHINA - opportunist empire at ASIA

Who was on the 1998 Arizona mens basketball roster?

Who was on the 1998 Arizona mens basketball roster?

How many championships have duke won in all?

If you are asking about the mens basketball them the answer is 4. 1991 1992 2001 2010

What is the most points scored by stephon marbury in the mens US olympic basketball game?

31 points...US men's record

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