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The Dream Team

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Q: What was the nickname of the American mens basketball team in 1992 Olympics?
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What was the unofficial nickname given to the us man's basketball team at at the 1992 summer Olympics?

Dream Team

At which Olympics did American basketball's 'dream team' make its debut?

1992 Summer Games in Barcelona.

Who lead the men's basketball team in scoring at the 1992 Olympics?

Charles Barkley

In the 1992 Olympics the Dream Team competed for what country and in what sport?

usa and basketball

How many timeouts did the US basketball Dream Team call during the entire 1992 Olympics?


How many bronze medals has the women's US basketball team won in the Olympics?

1 ... at the 1992 Games in Barcelona.

What was the 1992 roster for the Olympics basketball Dream Team?

1992 U.S. men's Olympic basketball team:Charles BarkleyLarry BirdClyde DrexlerPatrick EwingMagic JohnsonMichael JordanChristian LaettnerKarl MaloneChris MullinScottie PippenDavid RobinsonJohn Stockton

When did The Olympics allowed National hockey players and the National basketball players to play in the Olympics?

NBA players first Olympics was the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona and NHL players first Olympics was the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano.

What did Michael Jordan wear during the medal ceremonies at the 1992 Olympics?

American Flag

Why was Larry Bird not in the USA Olympic basketball team of 1984?

FIBA, the international basketball governing body, did not allow NBA players to participate in the Olympics until the 1992 Games in Barcelona. U.S Olympic basketball teams, prior to the 1992 Games, were made up of college players only.

Where did the 1992 Olympics take place?

The 1992 summer Olympics were held in Barcelona, Spain. The 1992 winter Olympics were held in Albertville, France.

Where was the Olympics in 1992?

There was no Olympics in 1992, well i looked on google, it said notin