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1992 Games in Barcelona.

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Q: When was mens basketball made open to professionals for the first time at the Olympic Games?
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What is the first Philippine basketball team that competed in the olympic games?

MICH JORDAN competed & won in the Olympic Games

What year was the first olympic basketball game held?

The first basketball games in the Olympics were played on August 7, 1936 at the Summer Games in Berlin.

When was basketball admitted as an Olympic sport?

By most accounts, the first time basketball was officially played at the Olympics was in 1936 in Berlin, with only amateur players-- and at that time, this meant men only. In 1992, professionals were allowed to compete for the first time.

When was basketball included in the Olympics?

An exhibition match was played at the 1904 Olympics, but basketball did not become an official part of the games until 1936.AnswerAugust 1936

What year was basketball introduced to the Olympics?

Men's basketball was introduced in 1904 but not played again until 1936. It has been played in every Summer Olympic Games since 1936. Women's basketball was introduced at the 1976 Summer Games.

Who did win the first olympic games?

A chef won the first ever Olympic games.

What year did the first olympic games hold?

The Olympic Games were first hold in 1896.

Where will the Youth Olympic games be?

The first Youth Olympic Games will be in Singapore !

When did Basketball added in the olympic?

Basketball was first introduced into the Summer Olympic Games of 1936 in Berlin. It started as an outdoor sport and was not played inside until 1948. The United States came out on top from the start, winning the first medals for the game. The US then struggled with alternating wins and losses all through it's history.1936 Berlin1972 Soviet Union1976 USA1980 Yugoslav's1984 USA1988 Soviet Union1989 [Professionals allowed to participate]2004 Argentina2008 USA**America won all Olympic Basketball tournaments from 1936 through 1972, then again from 1989 through 2004**

Where was the first Olympic basketball game held?

Berlin, Germany

On which year did the first Olympic start?

The first Olympic games were in Greece.

When was the first winter olympic games?

The first Winter Olympic games were held in 1924 in Chamonix, France.