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They can decline the penalty, yes... but there would be no reason to decline it, because in high school this is a dead ball foul and the play is immediately blown dead.

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Q: May the offense decline the offside penalty in high school football?
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How many yards are accessed for an offside penalty in football?

Offsides is a 5 yard penalty.

What happens if a player is offside in football?

It is a 5 yard penalty moving the offense 5 yard forward. The down is replayed because the play is stopped immedieately.

Does the clock stop if an offside penalty is called in American football?


Is spitting a penalty offense in football?


Can you pass a penalty in football?

Yes, you may decline a penalty under certain conditions.

What does a lineman do in English football?

He checks whoes throw in it is, if a player is offside, if it is a free kick and if it's a penalty.

What is the penalty for offsides in football?

It is an indirect kick for the defending team from the spot of the infraction (usually where the offside line was when the infraction occurred).

Is there offside rule in American football?

Yes, there is an offside penalty in American Football. The neutral zone is defined as the area extending from the tip of the football to each side of the field, so the neutral zone is as wide as the length of the football. No player, except the center, may have any part of his body in the neutral zone at the time the ball is snapped, otherwise they are guilty of being offside. On a kickoff, no player may have any part of his body across the line upon which the ball rests prior to the kick, except for the holder if one is used. The penalty for offside is 5 yards.

What is declining a football penalty means?

it means that the penalty the other team had, you don't want the yardage to be added on. Say if it were third down and ten, and the offense didn't get the first down. I would decline the penalty so it would be fourth down. the team would most likely punt the ball to you

How many yards is the offense penalized for pass interference?

In college football, the penalty is 15 yards. In the NFL, the penalty is 10 yards.

What is the penalty for going offside in netball?

when a player goes offside the opposing team is given a free pass

What is the penalty for offside?

An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the location where the player was guilty of the offside infraction.

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