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As far as completion percentage goes, for QBs that started at least 8 games in the 2008 season that was Derek Anderson (started 9 games) of the Cleveland Browns who had a 50.2 completion percentage on 142 completions in 283 attempts.

The 2008 Browns were the only team in the NFL that season to have a team completion percentage of under 50 percent. Brady Quinn started 3 games and had a 50.6 completion percentage (45 completions in 89 attempts), Ken Dorsey started 3 games and had a 47.3 completion percentage (43 completions in 91 attempts), and Bruce Gradkowski started 1 game and had a 33.3 completion percentage (7 completions in 21 attempts).

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Q: Who is the most inaccurate quarterback in the nfl of 2008?
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