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Q: Lowest points earned by a relegated league team?
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Which team has been relegated with the lowest points in the prem league and what team was it?

11, derby county, season 07-07

Lowest premiership total to stay up?

Derby County had the lowest Premiership total in the history of the league in the 2007-08 season. They had just 11 points and were relegated.

What was the lowest total of points in the premiership?

Derby recorded 11 points and was relegated in season 2007/8

What is the lowest points total by a English club in the champions league?

Manchester City 2012. 2 Points.

What is the lowest points total by a british club in the champions league?

Rangers 2 points (2009/10)

What is the average points which a premiership team would be relegated?

Roughly 20 points

What points did Wimbledon obtain when they were relegated from the premiership?


What was the highest points total to be relegated from the premiership?


Which side has conceded the most goals in a 38 game season?

Derby County 89 in 2007-08 season they also were relegated with the lowest number of points 11

What is the lowest points total by an English club in the champions league?

Manchester City, 3 pts, 2012/13 Season

Have Chelsea ever been relegated from the top division?

Chelsea were relegated from the Football League First Division in the 1987-88 season, finishing in eighteenth place, and were promoted from the Second Division in the 1988-89 season, finishing 17 points clear at the top of the Second Division table.

What is the lowest amount of points to win the premier league?

I don't know about the Premiership, but I know the Championship! West Bromwich Albion finished top with just 39 points!!

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