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Rangers 2 points (2009/10)

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Q: What is the lowest points total by a british club in the champions league?
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What is the lowest points total by a English club in the champions league?

Manchester City 2012. 2 Points.

What is the lowest points total by an English club in the champions league?

Manchester City, 3 pts, 2012/13 Season

Who has recorded fewest points in champions league group stages?

Many teams have recorded 0 points in the champions league group stages. But Milan have recorded 5 points and still qualified to the next round. that is the record.

Lowest points earned by a relegated league team?


Does the away goals rule apply in the UEFA Champions League playoff round?

The away goal rule only counts in the knock-out stages of the Champions league. The group stages rely on goal difference if two or more teams have the same amount of points.

Who won the Champions League in 2009?

Barcelona won the Champion League in 2009. On the final match, the team went against Manchester United. They scored two points that led them to victory.

Lowest premiership total to stay up?

Derby County had the lowest Premiership total in the history of the league in the 2007-08 season. They had just 11 points and were relegated.

What team in british premier league speedway has scored less league points than Berwick in a season?

Mildenhall 0pts in 2008

Which team has been relegated with the lowest points in the prem league and what team was it?

11, derby county, season 07-07

What is the lowest amount of points to win the premier league?

I don't know about the Premiership, but I know the Championship! West Bromwich Albion finished top with just 39 points!!

What is stronger ap or ad on league of legends?

There is really no answer. AP or AD strength is determined by the champions abilities and if they adopt AP or AD points. For example, mages require AP and melee and ranged champions require AD.

How do you get points on champions online?

by doing big missions but it does'ent matter now R.I.P. Champions Online.

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