Is vickie Guerrero Eddie Guerrero duaghter?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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No Vickie was Eddie's wife!

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Q: Is vickie Guerrero Eddie Guerrero duaghter?
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Who did Eddie Guerrero marry?

Vickie Guerrero

Is vicki Guerrero remarried?

Vickie Guerrero is Eddie Guerrero's widow.

Who is Kaylie Guerrero's mother?

Kaylie's mother is not Vickie Guerrero, it is a woman named Tara Mahoney. Eddie Guerrero was separated from Vickie Guerrero at the time.

Is Vickie Guerrero related to Eddie Guerrero?

She was his wife and mother of his children

Who is shaul guerreo?

Eddie and Vickie Guerrero's daughter

Are chavo and vicky related?

Yes Chavo and Vickie are related. In real life Vickie married Eddie Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero is Chavo's uncle. Since Eddie died, Vickie has always been single. In wrestling as a part of a storyline, Edge is married to Vickie, which is not in real life.

Who is Vickie Guerrero and why is she so mean on WWE?

She is the widow of Eddie Guerrero and that is just her on screen character she is the heel.

Who is vickey?

Vickie Guerrero is The Wife of the late Eddie guerrero. She Is the former general manager of RAW and Smackdown.

Who is Eddie colon's wife?

karma, Vickie Guerrero Natalia and Mikel Cole

What is Vickie Guerrero most known for?

Vickie Guerrero is the widow of the late wrestler Eddie Guerrero. She has appeared in some wrestling storylines, she has also wrestled as a WWE Diva, and is mostly known for her managerial work.

Who was Eddie Guerrero married to?

The Late Great Eddie Guerrero was married to Vickie Guerrero. After Eddie's death, WWE has been very good to his widow Vickie. Vickie has been an on-screen authority figure like a General Manager and has been consistently on TV. She is one of the most hated heel authority figures in the WWE. The boo's that come in when she says her standard excuse me is deafening.

Is Chavo Guerrero related to Vickie Guerrero?

Vickie is the late Eddie Guerrero's widow. Eddie had an older brother Chavo (full name Chavito), who was much older. Chavo had a son who was more around Eddie age who they called Chavito Junior or Chavo for short. Chavo Jr is actually the Chavo you know now. So Chavo Guerrero is Vickie Guerrero's nephew by marriage.