Are chavo and vicky related

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Yes Chavo and Vickie are related. In real life Vickie married Eddie Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero is Chavo's uncle. Since Eddie died, Vickie has always been single. In Wrestling as a part of a storyline, Edge is married to Vickie, which is not in real life.

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Q: Are chavo and vicky related
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Was Eddie Guerrero related to Chavo and Vicky Guerrero?

Yes Vickie was his real wife and Chavo was his real nephew

Are Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero related?

Rey Mysterio and Chavo are not related. They are just good friends.

Do Edge and Vicky Guerrero have a relationship?

No their relationship is all fake and for t.v. vicky is still married to chavoAugust 5, 2008Their relationship is storyline only. Vickie has never been married to Chavo she was married to Eddie. He is Vickie's nephew. Chavo is married to Susan and they have two sons.Jan 3, 2009"No their relationship is all fake and for t.v. vicky is still married to chavo"It is advisable to do your home work, as may you may come across as being quite stupid. As the person stated above me, she was never married to Chavo, but to the late Eddie.

How are Chavo Guerrero and Vickie Guerrero related?

Vickie is the late Eddie Guerrero's widow. Eddie had an older brother Chavo (full name Chavito), who was much older. Chavo had a son who was more around Eddie age who they called Chavito Junior or Chavo for short. Chavo Jr is actually the Chavo you know now. So Chavo Guerrero is Vickie Guerrero's nephew by marriage.

Are Rey Mysterio and Chavo Guerrero cousins?

No. Chavo's uncle was Eddie Guerrero. Eddie and Rey were great family friends, but not related.

Is vicky gomersall related to Andy gomersall?

Vicky Gomersall is not related to Andy Gomersall. Vicky is British sports news reporter. Andy is a former rugby player.

Is Chavo Guerrero related to Vickie Guerrero?

Yes, they are nephew and aunt.

Is Eddie Guerrero Related To Rey Mysterio And Chavo Guerreo And Dominic?


Is Vicki Guerrero related to Vicky Lawrence?


Is Billy Ray Cyrus and vicky Lawrence related?

To the best of my knowledge they are not related.

Who is eddy's brother?

chavo Guerrero chavo Guerrero

What is the origin of the surname Chavez?

EZ at the end of the name (related to Hebrew and/or Arabic tradition) means "son of" so CHAV-EZ means "son of Chavo". By the way Chavo can be a nickname for Salvador.

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