Is there hitting in soccer

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No there is no hitting in soccer, and I should know because I play it.

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Q: Is there hitting in soccer
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What makes a soccer ball travel further?

hitting it harder

What is a advanced movement skill?

Hitting a soccer ball while doing a backflip.

Hitting ball in your own goal in soccer what is it called?

It's as simple as an own goal. :)

What is longest game of hitting the ball back and forth?

Passing in soccer or basketball...I think

How is soccer and kickball the same?

no, kickball is baseball just that you kick the ball instead of hitting it

What are some injuries that occur in soccer and why do they occur?

Bloody nose from the ball hitting you in the face

Can hitting your head on a soccer ball give you concussions?

Yes, if the hit is hard enough.

What are some bad things about soccer that start with the letter C?

concussions - Many soccer players experience a concussion from hitting the ball with their head.

What is a head shot in soccer?

It is hitting the ball with the head and trying to aim towards goal to score.

What does soccer entail?

Soccer entails a lot of running around and kicking a ball. If you're really good at it, jumping and hitting the ball with your head enters into it too.

What actions in the soccer game might result in a foul been called?

A wicked slide tackle,Hitting or Kicking.being too rough.

Why would you participate in soccer?

I do participate in soccer because it is a fun exhilarating sport where you get to show off how fast you can run towards the goal and weave in and out of the other players line. It is also a great feeling hitting the soccer ball just right and watching it sail into the goal.

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